A Proclamation of Fanhood to the Chicago Bears: UNQUESTIONABLE LOYALTY

Kwonae McGeeCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

In my last article I said I didn't feel like Devin Hester handled the contract situation  wrong. People misunderstood what I was saying. I don't really care about the misunderstanding—what I do care about is that people question my loyalty to Devin Hester or to the Bears.

So lets set the record straight! Devin Hester or as I like to call him; Devin the Dude, is the best return man ever to play the game. He's even better than the guy he looks up to the most—Deion Sanders.

I'm relieved the Bears cleared this up quickly. Devin can also become a dominant force on the offense, due to the fact there aren't many DBs that can stay with him. The Bears don't have any offensive weapons like Hester so they could've given him a new deal long ago, but we're talking about Jerry Angelo.

I was even accused of being a racist who embarrassed myself by not praising Devin for being a black athlete. I guess me being black myself doesn't count for anything. I won't praise anyone who doesn't deserve it. Again I feel like Devin was due for a pay increase, but I simply will not hide my opinion about his business savvy because he's black. If I did, that would be racism.

Now I hope you understand that there is a difference between a phenomenal athlete and a businessman. Let the agents do their job, after all that's why they get paid. That's how they get paid. Athletes be athletes. Oh yeah Devin the Dude is a phenom. Yes! I said it. A PHENOM!!!!