NXT Season 3: Divas Edition?

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIJuly 19, 2010

The Awesomeness that is Ben Gartland has an idea.

The divas division has been running low on Women to challenge for the title.

They are also not getting as much air time as they should even though they do not live up to the divas of the past (i.e. Lita). I believe that they would be able to get better if they had more air time. I have an idea to do just that.

NXT will be finishing up Season 2 of NXT here within the next month or so, so they should go with Season 3 relatively soon.

Season 2 was pretty boring in my opinion, because it was the same thing as Season 1 with no change in layout, gimmick, only the pros and wrestlers changed.

If WWE wants NXT to survive on Tuesday nights, they need to change NXT somewhat. A Diva's NXT would be perfect to do just that.

We would have 4 diva pros. My list would be Maryse, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, and making her epic return, Melina. 

My rookies would be AJ Lee (Gail Kim), Aksana (Maryse), Liviana (Melina), and Naomi Knight (Alicia Fox)

Melina is recovering from her injury and will be making appearances on FCW in the near future so the timing of the Divas NXT is perfect for her return. 

Gail Kim desperately needs air time. She has way too much skill to have the TV time she has now. A Divas NXT would give her air time and a chance to build her character and challenge for the title in the near future. 

The Divas hate outside competition, but they hate the other divas more, so they will train their rookies as hard as they can making good divas matches, and not the same 3 or four divas challenging for the title every week.

Thank You for reading and comments are appreciated.

~The Awesomeness that is Ben Gartland has spoken.