Octopaul Successfully Predicts All ESPY Winners Correctly (Satire)

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IIJuly 18, 2010

The ESPYs come around every year and Vegas is always taking bets on who will win what. If you were one of those betting people that went against what Octopaul said, you would be in deep debt. 

Octopaul recently retired from predicting winners of soccer matches, but that didn't stop him from predicting the winners of the 2010 ESPYs. Octopaul sat in his tank a week before the awards show commenced to look at photos of the winners of each respective category. 

Reports say that when Paul was thinking over the best male athlete award, he was not thinking Kobe or LeBron James. Instead, he was stuck between Drew Brees and Albert Pujols. He took Brees a few minutes later as a crowd watched in Germany's Sea Life Oberhausen.

Octopaul was yelled at when he picked the New Orleans Saints over the New York Yankees as the winner of the Best Team award. He was criticized so much that there were reports that George Steinbrenner was rolling around in his grave trying to get Brian Cashman to give the order to have Paul as calamari at The House that George Built. 

Octopaul released a bit of ink when he watched the replay of Landon Donovan's 91st minute goal. That signaled the moment where he would choose that as the Best Moment of the Year and Under Pressure Moment. 

Octopaul released an official statement in his tank as he used the ink to write on his wall saying "I'm not done, yet." This could mean that the infamous World Cup octopus could be making several more bold and daring predictions in the future. We will have to stay tuned and watch the tank.