UFC 87: Seek and Destroy, Main Event Prediction

Kevin C.Correspondent IJuly 29, 2008

We, as UFC fans, all know the welterweight division has been dominated by Georges "Rush" St-Pierre for awhile now. But on August 9 at Seek and Destroy, I'm beginning to have second thoughts.

Jon Fitch, who recently has come off victories over Diego Sanchez and Chris Wilson, has shown his strength on the floor and excellent grappling skills. I think this should have a major impact on the match this weekend, considering Georges St-Pierre isn't the best on the floor.

Though he is well-rounded, I have seen fights where Georges has struggled in the "ground and pound" game. If Jon can expose of this, I would have to give the edge to Jon.

Georges, on the other hand, as I said is a very well-rounded fighter, in excellent condition.

Coming off his last fight, a TKO in the second round against Matt Serra should be feeling great mentally and is expected, of course, to have trained his balls off his this match.

In the end, when betting with my UFC friends and studying this match up, I honestly don't know who would win. It's like the Rampage vs. Griffin fight, whoever has the better day, will win.