Summer Olympics: Anyone for Team Handball?

John LoGiudiceCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

While I am not a huge Summer Olympics fan, there is one event I am glad to watch at 3 a.m., and that is Team Handball.

I drool and salivate when I am waiting for hockey to start during the Winter Games. However, the Summer Olympics aren't exactly my cup of tea; it is a dull collection of track events (yawn!), gymnastics (yawn!), and spoiled pro basketball players (HUGE YAWN!).

Usually during the endless Summer Olympics' coverage, I sit hoping and praying that there is a baseball game on somewhere. But I do have one exception, Handball. A fun game where six players on each team whale a ball at a poor defenseless goalie and dribble and bounce like so many kangaroos with A.D.D.

As a North American fan, I don't get to see this wonderful game all that much. I suspect a guy in Serbia or Italy might be reading this and going, "Does he understand anything about the game?" No, not really! But I do love watching it when I get the rare privilege to see it on NBC during their Olympics' coverage.

I know I have to put up with dull "human interest" stories about a marathon runner from Namibia who lost his family to hyenas and Bob Costas trying to show everyone that he didn't study Accounting in college (yawn!). But this sport is worth it.

The excitement of this game is infectious. The speed of the players leaping and passing is like something out of the Matrix. Why this game hasn't caught on this side of the Atlantic is a mystery to me, especially after trying to stay awake during the Arena Bowl.

I am telling every fellow Bleacher Reporter to give this game a chance, even if you have to sit through four hours of gymnastics waiting for it. Yes, a match between Kazakhstan and Croatia is not the blood match you have been dying to see. But give it a try.