The WWE Times: July 18, 2010

Rex WilliamsContributor IJuly 18, 2010

Welcome to the WWE Times, I'm your writer, Rex Williams, and I hope you've had a great weekend. 

Today, the subject of this issue will be my Money In The Bank preview and predictions. 

Yeah, that's right, another prediction article that us writers love to do.  If you've already read one, you might think about closing this page, but don't because this prediction article is the best there is.


Layla (c) vs. Kelly Kelly for the Women's Championship

This match will probably be overlooked by some people, but WWE has put a lot of effort into this match, considering it consists of two divas. 

The "Smelly Kelly" thing has definitely been over killed, but I like Kelly's determination.  Considering WWE is very fond of "Lay-Cool", I'm voting for Layla to remain champion. 

Winner: Layla


The Usos vs. The Hart Dynasty (c) for the Unified Tag Team Championship

This is a match that has been about a month or two in the making and has good potential. 

Considering their match on Monday Night RAW, where The Uso's picked up the win with their sheer aggression, I will lean towards The Hart Dynasty and for this feud to continue through SummerSlam and perhaps into Night of Champions in September. 

Will the Usos ever defeat The Hart Dynasty for the straps?  I'm willing to bet they have a little back and forth action this year.

Winner: The Hart Dynasty


Alicia Fox (c) vs. Eve Torres for the WWE Divas Championship

An interesting statistic is that this is the first pay-per-view since Night of Champions 2009 (in July) to feature more than one divas match on the card.  Yet, no one complains about it.  I wonder why. 

Anyway, this match looks to be another quick under-five-minute match, but I like that WWE is trying to repair their division with storylines at least. 

My pick to win would be Alicia Fox because she has been getting a tremendous push and I think that she would make a good opponent for Melina when she returns.

Winner: Alicia Fox


Smackdown's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

I sometimes ask myself why I chose this pay-per-view to be the first one I wrote an article on with my predictions due to the fact we have the two of the most unpredictable matches. 

The way I would go through this list is by process of elimination. 

I would immediately rule out The Big Show and Kane because they are previous world champions, which is not what WWE wants for Money In The Bank winners. 

Next, I'd venture to say that we can bet our bottom dollar Matt Hardy won't win.  Why? Because although his reaction is massive, he is always going to be a mid-carder for life, and no one would buy him at the top of WWE card for five years and that is what WWE wants for Money In The Bank winners.

I'll come to Kofi Kingston next and although it may shock you, I'd scribble him off the list as well.  Why?  Because as soon as Kofi loses the Intercontinental title, he could jump into the world title picture because of his youth, popularity, and past experiences with top players. 

Timing is everything and until Randy (or any major player) says it is time, it isn't time.

We then get down to the unpredictable 4; Cody Rhodes, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre. 

For the simple nature of Dolph's character at the moment, I wouldn't bet on him winning the match. 

You see, Dolph is with Vickie and will use her status to get into the Intercontinental Championship picture and then move up later.

Now, I am down to three and will jump for it and pick Christian to win.  Why? Because he has served his "punishment" that everyone said he is receiving because of going to TNA. 

And with a heel turn and a good rivalry on the horizon, it is perfect to jump to the top.  I'd say he faces Matt Hardy defending the briefcase at Summerslam and, of course, wins and then moves up gradually.

If I was to give a timeline for his briefcase to be cashed in, I'd hope it would be against Edge at Wrestlemania.

Winner - Christian


RAW's Money In The Bank Ladder Match

As usual, I'll use process of elimination and write off the favourite Randy Orton, Edge, and Chris Jericho.  They are established characters and don't need a briefcase to win the WWE Championship. 

Next in line is Mark Henry, who I'm pretty certain won't win it.  Why? Well, I can't give you an exact answer and, really, do I need to?  He won't win it, case closed.

And now we get to the unpredictable 4; John Morrison, The Miz, Evan Bourne, and Ted DiBiase.  I'd like to write John Morrison off because of his awful promo skills and I will for that very reason.

Down to three, I'd write off Ted DiBiase because I think he will feud with Morrison until Summerslam and then wait until he can form The Fortunate Sons and make his way to the top that way. 

While on topic, is anyone thinking TNA was reading the dirt sheets and heard WWE was going to name a faction, The Fortunate Sons and then rip it off with Fortune?  Just a thought. 

We split to the two, I just can't decide on.  If I was being honest though, with Triple H out, I lean to Evan Bourne winning the match and challenging John Cena for the WWE Championship. 

I know you're confused as to why he'd challenge Cena, but please read on and find out.  The Miz has the US title anyway and will make his own way to the top and I would bet he'll be ready for the main event just after Wrestlemania 27.

Winner - Evan Bourne


Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Jack Swagger for the World Championship

I don't really care for this match, but I'll predict that Jack Swagger will win and move onto Summerslam against The Undertaker, Kane, or someone else. 

Hopefully, this will be a longer reign and with his new Kurt Angle-esque persona, I think he could really get over as a big threat to the Smackdown roster.


Sheamus (c) vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship

John Cena wins.  I don't waste any time right now because Cena winning is part of a much bigger plot.  Now I am led to believe WWE may turn Cena heel at this pay-per-view when he is revealed as leader of the Nexus.  

I know this could be a fatal mistake and I agree that it has no logic, but the explanation is simple.  Cena will say; "WWE management did not look out or care for him during the attacks." 

Evan Bourne would then step up and lead "Team PG" and move onto challenge him at Summerslam, possibly winning the WWE Championship. 

Whether he wins the match thanks to the Nexus or reveals himself after the match when they come to attack, it doesn't matter, but I'd be hooked either way.

Winner - John Cena (The Leader of The Nexus)

Overall, this pay-per-view has tremendous potential to not only be the best of the year, but to create big stars in the two Money In The Bank Ladder matches. 

I hope you all enjoy it as much as you enjoy reading this article.  What? You didn't enjoy this article?  Well, more fool you.  Please comment, rate and do whatever readers can do to make a writer smile.  Thanks.


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