Who's Earning Big at Money In The Bank?

Ryan SzAnalyst IIJuly 18, 2010

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Tomorrow is the Money In the Bank PPV and, like many people on this site, I am giving my breakdown of the matches, as well as predictions.

Diva's Championship: Alicia Fox (c) vs. Eve

Not much to be said about a match for a title no one cares about, so I won't.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Women's Championship: Layla (c) vs Kelly Kelly

This match could go either way as both women are improving vastly in the ring. Layla could keep the belt and help improve the "Mean Girls" persona LayCool has, while not becoming the super bitchy strippers that the Beautiful People are. Yet, from what has been shown for the past few weeks, along with what was shown on this last Smackdown, there could be unintentional interference by Rosa, which is a strong possibility, since interference by Michelle Mcool and Tiffany will equal each other out.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

Unified Tag Team Championship: The Hart Dynasty (c) vs. The Usos

This is one of the easier matches to predict I feel. The WWE is really trying to bring prestige back to the titles by giving the champions long reigns. The shortest title reign was Chris Jericho and Edge at 28 days, only because of Edge's injured Achilles' Tendon. It wouldn't make sense for the Hart Dynasty to lose on what may become a one-time PPV, depending on its success. I feel The Hart Dynasty will retain just so they could have another legitimate title defense before possibly losing it at SummerSlam.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty

World Heavyweight Title: Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

Now, here is a true double-edged sword. Mysterio is "injured' after the ankle lock from Swagger and is limping heavily. This leads to one of two possibilities, either the "Ultimate Underdog" *ugh* wins overcoming the odds, or Swagger wins but at the cost of beating a weakend Mysterio, thus making him look like a lame champion. And if all indications are true, many are saying Swagger will be fighting Undertaker at SummerSlam without the gold around his waist. I hate to say it, but I think Mysterio retains in this one.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

WWE Title Sheamus (c) vs. John Cena

This is an interesting matchup, due mainly to the Nexus angle. Another match that I feel can only end in a couple ways. Option one, Sheamus or Cena win after help from the Nexus, this maybe can be a bigger shock than Hogan being the third man if Cena is revealed to be in cahoots with Nexus, imagine the five-year-olds crying in the arena if they saw this, yet I doubt this would happen.

Option two, Sheamus wins clean but once the match is done and the cage is lifted, he is attacked by Nexus, allowing for the winner of the Raw MITB to cash in and win the title, causing Sheamus to full on Cena's crusade against Nexus, as well as setting up a fatal four-way title match at SummerSlam between Cena, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and whover cashed in.

I see option two as the most plausible because it would smoothly bring the Nexus members into singles and tag competition, while also creating a great matchup for Summerslam. Also it gives Sheamus a legitimate title defense against the face of the company.

Winner: Sheamus

Smackdown MITB Ladder Match

Big Show vs. Matt Hardy vs.Christian vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Kane vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

Big Show : I think I'm in the minority by saying I prefer Show being a face, he just comes off as that funny fat kid who secretly knows Muy Thai. He's nice to his friends, but when the bully knocks his ice cream out of his hand, he goes batshit crazy and beats the hell out of the bully.

That being said, he has no chance of winning the MITB. I enjoyed his promo last Smackdown, where he showed of his custom ladder and unmasked CM Punk. That ladder will be great as a weapon during the match and if they actually have Big Show take a dive off the ladder, that may be the the highlight of the night. Other than that, don't expect a win from the World's Largest Athlete.

Matt Hardy: Hardy is one of three candidates to win this match. He has the most experience with a ladder and has shown great work ethic and improvement these past couple years, so he has a great chance of grabbing the briefcase.

Christian: Candidate two. Basically an exact clone to Matt Hardy. The only difference between the two is Christian is more skilled on the mic and, to me, seems to have more years in the ring left than Hardy.

Drew McIntyre: Candidate three has "The Chosen One" gimmick going for him and would get great heat if he won this match. If he loses, he could also continue complaining like he does every week and cheat the winner out of the contract to get major heat by the crowd.

Cody Rhodes: Like the Big Show, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes doesn't have a chance I think. Right now he seems a perfect fit for the IC title, but he needs to develop his character a little bit more. Maybe in the next MITB match he could be the one to win the briefcase.

Kane: The dark horse of the match, he could be the Jack Swagger of this match with a surprising win. This makes sense as his feud with Jack Swagger is growing, and if Swagger wins his match with Mysterio and faces the Undertaker at Summerslam and wins, expect Kane to make his presence felt after the match to cash in against Swagger.

Kofi Kingston: No chance as he is a current champion coming into the match. He will give some great spots in the match but will fall short in the long run. What he needs to do is defend the IC belt more and bring prestige back to it like the tag titles.

Dolph Ziggler: I think Dolph falls into the same category that Cody Rhodes is in. He needs to work his way up to the IC title or even a tag title before going on to the big belt. What could be great is if Vickie Guererro gets involved and takes a couple bumps just so she'd shut up for a couple minutes.

Winner: tough call, but I'll say Matt Hardy

Raw MITB Ladder Match

The Miz vs. John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase vs. Evan Bourne vs. Mark Henry

The Miz: If he wasn't the US champion I would give him the nod to win the match. Yet like Kofi, he needs to start defending the belt he has before going after the main championship of Raw.

John Morrison: This might be JoMo's year to win the match. He has no title at the moment, he's kept up his work ethic, and can be great on the mic. This could also be his way to becoming a heel once again, especially if he cashes in against Cena, even more if he's been attacked by Nexus.

Chris Jericho: No chance Jericho wins this, especially since he's been talking of stepping away from the ring for a television career.

Edge: Edge could have been a front runner to win this, but he's already cashed in twice before and I think the WWE will give this to another superstar.

Randy Orton: A strong chance "The Viper" wins this one as he can establish himself as the antihero of the PG era and fight against the Nexus. Expect the RKO to come out of nowhere in this match multiple times as Randy tries to become King of Raw once again.

Ted Dibiase: Falls under the heading of Cody Rhodes/Dolph Ziggler. He needs to win a belt that isn't the Million Dollar belt or he needs to form the Fortunate Sons soon to establish himself as a real threat to the main event scene. Maybe in another year he can be a MITB winner, but not this year.

Evan Bourne: The only other person I see winning this besides Morrison or Orton. His recent push has been incredible and with the WWE wanting to promote smaller wrestlers, it makes sense that Bourne could win this one. Expect possible highlight of the night spots from him all through the match.

Mark Henry: I don't know why he was put in this match over guys like Yoshi Tatsu, Zach Ryder, William Regal, or other guys who wouldn't win but are more versatile in a match like this. Henry is good for short power matches but that's about it. There is no way he wins this unless they hired Vince Russo over the weekend.

Winner: John Morrison

So thanks for reading my breakdown and please comment and give your thoughts. Tomorrow I'll be able to see how I and other Bleachers did when the PPV airs.


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