Is Hector Lombard the Real Deal in MMA?

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Is Hector Lombard the Real Deal in MMA?

Thanks to this website, I have become fascinated by middleweight fighter Hector Lombard.

He's the current Middleweight Champion of Bellator, which he won by beating Jared Hess, Damien Staley and one other in the first Bellator tournament.

Lombard competed at the 2000 Olympics in Judo and has recently received a jujitsu black belt from American Top Team.

He was scheduled to fight Paulo Filho, who is a fighter he could actually measure his skills against, but unfortunately Visa issues kept that fight from happening. Instead Lombard recorded a record setting six-second knockout of the completely over-matched and helpless Jay Silva.

Overall Lombard has a stellar record of 26-2-1. The two losses came four years ago in Pride to Gegard Mousasi, the most fun name to say in all of MMA, and Akihiro Gono, who sounds like a horrible STD of some sort.

But these losses were four years ago before he had a black belt and was a member of American Top Team.

Lombard has stated that he wants to fight Dan Henderson in Strikeforce, after he defeats former NFL player Herbert Goodman at Bellator 24 in August.

My question, after watching Lombard absolutely destroy everyone he's faced over the last four years is this: Is Hector Lombard as good as he looks? Or is he just beating up on tomato cans?

I honestly couldn't tell you.

I look at his stand up, athleticism, take downs, and finishes and it seems to me like he is the best fighter not currently in Strikeforce or The UFC.

But it's difficult to get behind him when he's still fighting bums like Herbert Goodman.

So here's what needs to happen. We need Scott Coker to make this fight against Henderson happen.

My prediction is Lombard looks just as good against Hendo as he has against the Campbell's soup crew he has been fighting.

At which point Dana White can get involved and we can see how Lombard would do against the Marquardts, Maias, Sonnens, and maybe even Silvas of the world.

I believe in Hector Lombard, and if you watch some of his fights, maybe you will too.

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