AC Milan's Summer 2010- Europe's Biggest Soap Opera

Tim Fontenault@Tim_FontenaultCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2010

And so it continues for AC Milan.

Hours after I reported on this website that Milan and Genoa had agreed to a deal for Greek defender Sokratis Papasathopoulos, that same deal is now put on hold.

As part of the deal, Milan agreed to a $6.5 million US fee plus giving Genoa co-ownership of Michelangelo Albertazzi, Rodney Strasser, and Nnamdi Oduamadi.

Does anything ever go the way Milan would like? Of course not. Albertazzi (pictured here) is not buying the idea of a co-ownership with Genoa, as he wants to prove himself at Milan.

The problem is that the twenty year old Italian has only ever played for Milan on it's Primavera club. He has been called up to the First Team as a bench player or for a Coppa Italia game, but never played in a big match (Serie A, Champions League, Europa League). I do not see him seeing any time with the Rossoneri. At least if he goes to Genoa, he has a better shot at making some appearances throughout the season. Hopefully this whole situation is sorted soon as Papasathopoulos is expected to still undergo a medical and join the club soon.

On the other side of the ball, the whole "will they-won't they" in regards to buying a striker continues. We all know the time line: last year, it was Edin Dzeko, then Luis Fabiano. Nothing. Then they get Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, whom many have dubbed an expensive flop.

This year, Huntelaar has been reportedly on, as we say here in America with some sports, the "trading block" for several weeks. During that time, we have heard Dzeko, Fabiano, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Eder, and Lukas Podolski as possible additions to the club. So far, nothing has happened.

Then there is the whole issue of a midfielder. The usuals are only getting older. With names like Honda, Dempsey, Cole, and Shweinsteiger being tossed around, nothing has happened.

Berlusconi remains firm that Milan are cutting back with the transfers. "Every time I look at the finance sheet, I want to faint," says the Italian Prime Minister. Milan's fans have turned against the ownership. One protest group on the social networking site, Facebook, has, at the moment, 29,025 members who believe Berlusconi needs to make change or sell the club.

Of course, the other major subplot to this soap opera which could rival "Days of Our Lives" and "As the World Turns," has to be Ronaldinho. We all know the story. Ronaldinho joins the team in 2008, has an injury plagued season, comes back in 2009-2010 and scores fifteen total goals to lead the club. So far so good. Still one year left on the contract. Over the past few weeks, however, rumors have been spreading like a California wildfire. First, he had dinner with Flamengo's president, who discussed a move to Brazil with the Gaucho. Then, Ronaldinho's brother flies to Milan for talks. Both he and Adriano Galliani insist Ronaldinho is staying at the Milan outfit, with Roberto de Assis even adding that contract extension talks were being discussed. Now, only a day or so after these claims, reports have Ronaldinho joining the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer, where he would team up with the likes of David Beckham, Landon Donovan, and Edson Buddle. These reports come after Real Salt Lake owner, Dave Checketts, hinted at a potential move.

"I expect, by the way, Major League Soccer to make another announcement in the next couple of days about another very big world superstar coming to our league," Checketts told radio stationKALL 10 Sports.

"Not to our team, I don't want to mislead anybody, but another one of our teams is going to make a major investment and that will be a big announcement in the next couple of days.

"I would imagine that this guy's coming to L.A. and you'll all recognise who he is." When asked if the mystery man was Brazilian, he replied: "I think he might."

However, this announcement, may not be coming from the Galaxy at all, but the Chicago Fire. Following their Superliga match with the New England Revolution tomorrow, the club will announce the player they are bringing in as a designated player.

So do not fear fellow Milan faithful, all is well in good in the Ronaldinho front. Hopefully, however, this giant cluster you know what that Milan are in right now gets settled soon, or CBS could turn this summer, and the past couple for that matter, into a hit new soap opera: "The Hesitation, the Luck, and the Misfortune." It may also cause me to have a heart attack in the near future. That is a bad sign. I'm an eighteen year old on his way to college and I'm worried about a heart attack caused by beloved club. Though I should be used to it. After all, I am a fan of the US team, UConn basketball, and the Red Sox.



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