The Los Angeles Lakers

Matthew EdmondsContributor IJuly 16, 2010

 The Los Angeles Lakers has proved to us who the champions are in the NBA. There almost like a dream team, just need more players on the team to be a little like Kobe but not a ballhog like him. Kobe is actually "begining" to pass the ball around to his teammates. But enough about Kobe for now, im here to talk about the Los Angeles Lakers.

 Los Angeles Lakers has a fantastic coach named Phil Jackson. Phil has brought 5 NBA championship wins to the Lakers. He has had 900 NBA game wins over career so far. He used to be Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls 1959-1966. If Los Angeles Lakers president ever fires Phil, Lakers would probaly be a horrible team depending on the new coach.

 When the 2011 NBA season starts people will think Lakers is no match for The Heat. Well let me tell you now this advise for people saying Heat is a dream team. There will be no dream unless that team has Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Dwanye Wade, and Magic Johnson all on the same team. That is a dream in my opinion and probaly is in other people opinions too. If Lakers win 2011 NBA championship, there is probaly no team that will stand against or even close to being as good as a team as the Lakers.

 In the future when Kobe is out of the NBA there might be a chance for other teams to beat the Los Angeles Lakers. If Lebron James went to the Lakers nothing would change besides another speed demon on the team and somebody taking Kobe's points. Lakers is no doubt the best team out there in the league.

              By Matthew Edmonds