The Tiger-Cats Shut Down The Blue Bombers

Dorian McLeanContributor IIIJuly 16, 2010

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Week Three: Game Two
Time: 7PM EST on TSN

Penalties, interceptions, blown replay review, and a lack of defense

You could pick any one of those options from the title as one of many reasons for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers loss tonight. What could possibly have been the game-turning point was the blown replay review that ended up resulting in a Tiger-Cat touchdown.

Let's review the play shall we? Glenn makes a run for it, ball is dropped as he's coming down to the turf, with both knees clearly off the ground. Winnipeg jumps on the ball but the play is supposedly ruled dead. The reasoning behind the lack of an overturn, being that the player did not jump on the ball fast enough before the play was blown dead. What?

This botched call ended up in a quick six for Hamilton, giving them a 21-7 lead before ending 28-7 on the night. We'll never know whether that call was the game-changer, but it could be on the list, along with a large assortment of plays.

Breaking down Winnipeg, there were many problems from all aspects of the game tonight, as there is little to be pleased about. However there were some highlights and we'll likely touch on them.

After four quarters, the offense generated 290 total yards on the night. That is one yard short of what Buck Pierce generated in Game One against Hamilton that resulted in a 49-29 win. The Bombers generated zero first downs and had several quick two-and-outs in the first quarter.

There were some bright spots during the second quarter that allowed our defense to rest a little, however that proved to be ineffective as the defense were out there for just over 19 minutes in the first half. A large problem on the night was the receivers inability to hang onto, or make any solid catches that could have resulted in first downs or more.

The game was about to change for the better, with a late drive in the second quarter, however a pick in the end-zone ended those chances, which is another possible game-changer. In the end, the offense just was unable to produce any strong numbers and at the end of the day, you need points to win football games.

The defense did nothing to help their offense tonight either, as they let Glenn go 12 for 12 to begin the game, gave up 28 points, and allowed 336 receiving yards. Still, a highlight was being able to contain Cobb and Thigpen tonight, who combined a total of 71 yards. Thigpen returned a missed field goal and kick-off in Week One for two quick sixes, none tonight.

Their lack of ability to get even any pressure on Kevin Glenn tonight was atrocious, as it allowed him to stay poised and bring in 340 yards of offense. Several big penalties on defense did not help the club in any way tonight, with many 10+ yards or more penalties.

The special teams crew saw a lot of action tonight, punting away eight times, which saw Renaud's Week One average drop 10.5 tonight, to 49.9. Alexis Serna saw absolutely no chances at attempting field goals, which could be a saver, and could have had the score end even higher.

At the end of the game, a lot can be said about how Winnipeg played this game, after two weeks of pretty good action, and how Hamilton did everything right, so to speak. Obviously some injuries have plagued the team tonight, especially in their secondary. Could this set-up a tough match with Edmonton?

Doggett laying out Thigpen on the return.
No punt or kick-off returned for a touchdown.
Hargreaves brought in some great catches, utilizing his feet greatly to keep some drives going, but that was it.