A Look at the Recently Released Superstars: Forgotten Already?

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A Look at the Recently Released Superstars: Forgotten Already?

Hello Buzzers, I'm back.

Three months ago, WWE released several superstars and divas in what was known as the spring cleaning.

After learning the news, many fans went buzzing around feeling upset for some of the superstars released.

In the following days, I read dozens of articles talking about the end of an era and the biggest disappointment. But honestly speaking, I felt that some people were just making a very big deal out of a normal thing that could always happen.

Prior to those releases, we had few other superstars released too. We also had other releases in the past few weeks, including the infamous release of Bryan Danielson that was also received as shocking news for many IWC members.

By now, I really think that most of those superstars are nearly forgotten and never missed. But still, I'm sure some story lines were just ruined because of certain releases.

In the following slides, we'll have a look at the released superstars and divas.

I'll just try to evaluate each superstar prior to his/her release. This will help us have a batter idea how effective that release was.

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