The Other Side: Breaking Down The Xtreme Invasion Of TNA

Chad PortoContributor IJuly 16, 2010

I've watched the infamous brawl so many times, I prefer to not admit publicly for fear of insults.  I will say this watching it the first time, I wasn't completely in love with it.  But after a few go's with it, I've come to realize it was perfect.  From Pope leaping over the top rope, and Lethal trying to out jump him, to the overall brawl itself the brawl had so many great moments.  And worked on so many levels.  But first lets debunk the criticisms.

1) To much going on. - While I agree that there was almost to much going on, what I no longer agree with is that TNA missed their opportunity to do big moments like RVD, Devon and the backstage guys like Al Snow and Pat Kenney turning on TNA.  In a world like WWE where the swerve is everything during the Invasion angle, the swerve in TNA is yet to come. Everyone says that if you have to many serves you ruin the angle. So why waste the swerves on something that's going to be really expected like RVD, Devon and company helping out the ECW guys?  Everyone knew they would help. It's the basis "they're my friends" idea.  You help our your friends.  RVD and Devon?  Of coarse they would help out their friends.   This was never supposed to be a swerve, this was supposed to be the aligning of the two sides. 

2) Dixie and Al Snow - Ok so Raven, Rhino and Richards are still under TNA contract.  Dreamer is "NOT" under contract.  But he appears to be the leader.  So Dixie invites him to come with the other three ever week.  She knows they are close with RVD and when they help save RVD she sees this as them rewarding her by keeping her champion unharmed.  The Brawl was unexpected, and spiraled out of control.   She became more upset when Al Snow, Pat Kenney, Devon and RVD all started to attack their own guys.  Why? Because even though they love TNA, their friends were in trouble.  They didn't know why they were here, just that they were.  So when Dixie announces that she invited them, of coarse the backstage guys and the talents didn't know that.  The storyline should mention that they risked their jobs to help friends.  Stupid reason?  Sure, but then again this is pro wrestling and Abyss walks around with a piece of wood filled with nails and the cops are never called so are you really going to over analyze that?

3) To old - Now some of this I can't defend.  Some talents are to old to wrestle.  Talents like Taz (injuries) Terry Funk (legit to old).  Stevie (38), Raven (45), Dreamer (39), Rhino (34), RVD (39), Team 3D (Ray - 39, Devon - 37).  Not that old folks.  Save for Raven all these guys can be viewed at as physical threats.  Raven looks to be in good shape.  Rhino looks to be in amazing shape.  But in the fact that Dreamer left the WWE/ECW as a legit bad ass(not a great worker, but could beat up on people), Team 3D's aggressiveness.  RVD's at the top of his sport, Rhino is imposing with the amount of work he's put in lately.  Richards not so much.  Raven even less so. But with strength in numbers and RVD, Rhino, Dreamer and Team 3D doing the most physical stuff during the Invasion

4) NXT/Nexus Comparisions - I don't enjoy the NXT stuff anymore. I believe that the WWE goes with the old saying "if a little is good, more is better".  The first beat down was epic.  But it almost feels like every other attack tried to recapture that.  Instead of being different it's becoming the same old thing.  Which is unfortunate.  That being said I'm not to overly a fan of WWE's programming anymore. So if you enjoy it, that's all that matters.  

That being said, the main thing I want to tackler here is timing.  It doesn't matter which on you see as "better" the main thing is, this is a random occurrence of two separate companies doing a similar idea.  Did TNA copy off of WWE? Considering they put this into motion prior to the NXT they did not.  And assuming the WWE plays fair, I doubt they had any inside knowledge of the upcoming brawl TNA had planned.   So they didn't copy off of TNA.  Which one was done better?  Well, that all depends on what you enjoy.  If you enjoy an 8 on 2 beat down, the Nexus would be your thing.  If you preferred an even brawl with no clear winner, TNA would be your thing.  Both started off well, but theirs still a long time before TNA's most recent angle can be judged.

No there are things that are a little off.  Like who is Abyss's they that they keep talking about, and I have no idea.  Is this the swerve?  Was Abyss getting directions from the Xtreme Invaders?  I don't know.  How will TNA continue this angle with out getting boring? Not sure how they will.  How will this end? Again, no answers.

But how Would I solve this issues?  Now that's a question

4) Abyss and "They" -  Lets just say that Abyss was never aligned with the hardcore guys. We keep assuming that if Abyss is involved he must have a hardcore handler. 

Who They could really be - Sting, Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett?  To name a few but yes, I'm going with the theory that Hogan and Bischoff are ok with the Xtreme guys coming into the company and that Sting, Nash and with the issues Jarrett as well, once you remember the issues he had with Foley and Co.  Bring back James Mitchell? Maybe. But however you decide to advance with They, you need to make them considerably legit. 

Maybe Fourtune?  Ric Flair, A.J. Styles, Kazarian and two others are the ones that are controlling Abyss?

Maybe They...aren't even in TNA yet? Maybe they is some backwards Church that Christopher Daniels is running (he's still on the TNA roster page as of 6:17 this afternoon).  Every fan boy said that Danielson getting fired was the best work in the history of wrestling.   But!....what if Daniels working ROH and being "fired' is the greatest work in wrestling history?  Long shot? Oh yeah, but a possibility.

5) Whoever comes in for Hard Justice is going to have a hard time having a strong argument for staying past that show.  TNA should take a chapter out of the book of "Reasons The New ECW Failed: Didn't create any new stars the brand could associate with".  They did C.M. Punk, who PWIllustrated said was as deserving to be on the brand as any original ECW star.  Why not copy the formula.  Save for Rhino, no one TNA could bring in as an original ECW star is under 35.  If you want to keep this "invasion" going, your going to need to add certain types to the roster that help blend this.  Having Dreamer and Co. fight just because they were ECW is lame and will never work.  Having Dreamer and Co. fight for the ideals that they crew to believe in during their ECW days, that would work.  You switch the dynamic from "they all wrestled in ECW" to "they want to resurrect the ideals that they learned their".  With the altered idea you can now incorporate younger stars; just as long as they are in the ECW style mold.  Jay Lethal? Wouldn't fit the mold.  Mr. Anderson? Same.  Rob Terry? Far from it.  Samoa Joe? Now we have a winner. Desmond Wolfe? Yup.  And the biggest coupe of all...Bryan Danielson.   Now that's just 3 of a possible pool of talents, but it's a start.  Team 3D, Raven, Rhino, Richards Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe will rebel against the roster of TNA. Dreamer, Danielson and maybe a...Ken Doane, will rebel against the ideals of WWE. And Desmond Wolfe can be the link that ties Fourtune to the ECW faction.

- Tommy Dreamer

- Rob Van Dam

- Stevie Richards/Raven - Tag Team

- Team 3D - Tag Team

- Rhino

- Samoa Joe

- Desmond Wolfe

- *Bryan Danielson

- * Other ex WWE guy.

: That's 11 total.  Perfect for an invasion.  Just strong enough compete with TNA, and just small enough to know who everyone is.  The storyline possibilities are endless.

6) The Ending - Now if this is a few month deal, where the ECW guys stay til maybe October, one match, winner take all; Kurt Angle (TNA) vs. RVD (ECW).  If this goes til Lockdown? 4 on 4 Team Fourtune vs. Team Invasion.  Beyond that?  Not to sure.  But whoever ends it, should be the front runners to be the group in TNA.  That's why I'd perfer to see Fourtune run through them ala 4 Horsemen vs. nWo.

Conclusion.  Agree or disagree, you can't really argue that this is going to be entertaining.  I'm all for this concept, because the last few months have not disappointed.  So lets just all sit back, grab some popcorn and rock out.


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