Invasion vs. Invasion, NXT vs. ECW

John KindelanAnalyst IIIJuly 16, 2010

On the Thursday July 15th edition of Impact something happened that we never thought we'd see...ECW invades! Wait, we already did see this. Nine years ago when WCW was purchased by Shane McMahon we saw the first INVASION where the WCW superstars invaded the then WWF. 

This was an opportunity for fans to see dream matches of the big WCW superstars like Booker T, Lance Storm and Diamond Dallas Page take on the WWE superstars of the time like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge and Undertaker. Being the two biggest wrestling shows on at the time the die hard fans were chomping at the bit to see the champions of each company take on one another.

Shortly after another invasion of sorts took place. On July 9th (must be a July thing) Kane and Jericho, representing WWE had a match against Mike Awesome and Lance Storm. During the match there was yet another invasion. RVD and Tommy Dreamer ran through the crowd to attack Kane and Jericho. WWE superstars at the time The Dudleys, Tazz, Rhyno and Raven came out to 'assist' Kane and Y2J but instead turned on them and the ECW invasion began.

Flash forward nine years to TNA, we get a WCW invasion, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Bischoff arrive a couple of months ago, and as we all know they were the powerhouses of WCW. Now a couple of months later we have Stevie Richards, Raven, Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer running through the crowd again and the Dudleys and RVD join with the ECW crew and attack the TNA Superstars.

Are we supposed to forget everything that happened nine years ago? This would be like if DC comics put out a Batman and Superman movie and then nine years later Marvel comics came along bought Batman and Superman and just did the exact same story but in their books under their title.

As a wrestling fan I find this a bit insulting. On a show with great new talents like AJ Styles, Kazarian, Samoa Joe, Jay Lethal, Beer Money, and Motor City Machine Guns we have to dig up an old WWE script and do it pretty much exactly the same down to the letter.

Then over on the other show we have the Nexus invasion. Where the NXT season one superstars apparently can just walk around back stage lurking like ninjas waiting for a superstar to be alone so they can stare them down for a long uncomfortable pause and then proceed to beat the tar out of them.

I feel a lot of these guys have potential in WWE, much more than most of the season two NXT guys. It's funny that now in their back stage confrontations they let each one of them take point at different times so we don't forget their names and see that Wade Barret isn't the only one with a personality.

The biggest problem with the Nexus invasion is you have to wonder, why they aren't being stopped. Why is it Morrison can be attacked and no one is around or comes to his aid, or why aren't the WWE superstars forming a faction and going after them one at a time. This could be because 'superboy' John Cena is the only one capable of defeating them or at least the only one not afraid to attack them by his lonesome.

Now the irony of all these invasions is, that on the longer running WWE Raw, that has been criticized over and over again for having a glass ceiling and only certain superstars get a push, we have an invasion of unknown rookies going around beating up superstars and establishing their names as new talents.

While on the newer show TNA Impact we have a bunch of older long forgotten guys coming in and beating up on new guys who probably still dream of wrestling at Wrestlemania. The Invasion story on Impact has to be the biggest thing Stevie Richards has been involved with since BWO? Right to Censor? It's the biggest thing he's been in. 

The original invasion ended with unification of titles and a broader roster of the show and bringing brand new elements to the table. The TNA invasion doesn't seem to be bringing any titles, a lot of the guys were with the company not so long ago, and TNA has always been a bit more extreme. I think their invasion will only last a couple of PPVs and it will be interesting to see if this leads to a Hogan faction vs. a Foley faction.