Erin Andrews Peep Video: Erin Andrews Fires Back At Hotel

Jon StarSenior Writer IJuly 16, 2010

Erin Andrews Peep Video: Erin Andrews Fires Back At Hotel

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    The legend of the Erin Andrews video simply will not die.  ESPN's resident sideline hottie made headlines again today regarding her video, but this time Andrews went on the offense. Andrews took the initiative at those responsible for allowing the video to be made in the first place.

    It is one of the first public comments she has made regarding her video which hit the web like a forest fire, burning up downloading bandwidth everywhere. 

Firing Back

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The Video

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Sending The Sharks

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    Andrews is now taking the issue to the courts. She send her lawyers after the Marriott and Radisson chains of hotels.

    According to the Associated Press, Andrews representation of Greene, Broilett & Wheeler released a statement saying “Not only did the hotels confirm that Ms. Andrews was intending to register as a guest, but they also released, without Ms. Andrews’ consent, her room number. The hotels then provided Michael David Barrett a hotel room immediately adjacent to hers.”

Andrews Makes a Statement

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    Andrews said that she is suing the hotel chains not only because of her own privacy violation, but to hold those accountable who could be responsible for such an event happening to another person in the future.

Andrews' Stalker To Jail

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Charges Against The Hotel

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Back On The Job

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