Life After LeBron: 25 Bold Predictions for the 2010-11 NBA Season

Bryan Toporek@@btoporekFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2010

Life After LeBron: 25 Bold Predictions for the 2010-11 NBA Season

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The Toronto Raptors Will Challenge the NBA's Worst All-Time Record

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Greg Oden Will Stay Healthy for a Full 82-Game Season

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Billy King Won't Murder the Nets Like He Killed the Sixers

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The New Jersey Nets Will Make the Playoffs

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LeBron James Will Participate in the 2011 Dunk Contest

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DeMarcus Cousins Will Be the Rookie of the Year

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Gilbert Arenas Will NOT Threaten To Shoot John Wall

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The Miami Heat Will Sign Allen Iverson

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Stephen Curry Will Win the NBA All-Star Game Skills Challenge

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Brandon Jennings Will Be the Most Improved Player of the Year

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J.J. Hickson Will Make His First All-Star Team

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The Chicago Bulls Will Finish With a Better Record Than the Miami Heat

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But Miami Will Beat Them in the Eastern Conference Finals

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The New Orleans Hornets Will Trade Chris Paul

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Shaquille O'Neal Will Sign With the Atlanta Hawks

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As a Result, Josh Smith Will Be Defensive Player of the Year

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Jason Kapono Will Get Off the Bench This Season

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David Kahn Will Make At Least 10 More Absurd Darko Milicic Comparisons

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Alvin Gentry Will Win Coach of the Year

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Cleveland Will White-Out With This Shirt When Miami Comes to Town

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The Nuggets Will Trade Carmelo Anthony

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Michael Beasley Will Be the Sixth Man of the Year

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The Blazers Will Be the No. 3 Seed in the West

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Dwight Howard Will Be the League MVP

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The Oklahoma City Thunder Will Win the NBA Championship

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