Open Championship 2010: Phil Mickelson Shows Up Without a Ball

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Open Championship 2010: Phil Mickelson Shows Up Without a Ball
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Mickelson is the number 2 golfer in the world. He is announced as the next to tee off in THE OPEN.  He walks to the tee--reaches in his pocket and finds that he does not have a ball.---not one ball!  He turns to his caddie who is clearly caught off guard and asks for a ball.  There is a pregnant pause while the caddie caught unaware digs in the bag for a ball while the world watches.  I know that would throw anyone's game off.

Phil tees it up and hits probably the worst tee shot that he has hit so far in this Open.  The most forgiving first tee in all of golf and he misses a 300 yard wide fairway.  Talk about psych out.  His head was messed up after the no ball at the tee ordeal.

Phil took himself out of the game before he even got to the Old Course today.  He looked at the forecast and saw that he would be playing in the worst weather of the day and he just gave up mentally.  Where the mind goes the body will follow.  He said that he was screwed--to himself first---then the media.  It doesn't matter what the media thinks or reports.  It matters what you believe yourself.

Suck it up Phil--- play the next hole and forget the past.  Put it in the hole!

Best of luck to you Phil.---C

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