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So, we have been hearing all around, that this Impact was the Impact to watch.  Generally, TNA has done really well with the Impact following their PPV, and these past several Impact’s have been great.  But, was this Impact a must watch?  I will give a quick recap.


The top ten:

10. Rob Terry

9.The Pope

8. Kurt Angle

7. Hernandez

6. AJ Styles

5. Jay Lethal

4. Samoa Joe

3. Mr. Anderson

2. Jeff Hardy

1. Abyss


The way I see it, they are having Joe move up, as Angle is moving up to do a great match at a PPV.  These two have had great matchup’s back in the day.  Two things I have a problem with is, 1. Rob Terry on this list.  This man should not be on this list, I’m sorry I don’t think he deserves to be there.  That should be Desmond Wolfe, matter of fact Desmond Wolfe should be #1 based on all the fan votes he used to get.  The second problem is Hernandez.  I really don’t like a match up of Kurt Angle and Hernandez, I don’t think it will be good.  Hope they do something about this, but, what the hell do I know.


We start off the night with the Title of the show.  ‘They’re Here’.  So we expect to see Abyss’ they.  Abyss comes out eating raw meat.  Man this guy is gonna get a mean case of salmonella at the end of this week.  He shows how crazy he is by beating on his meat with his girlfriend.  Did I just say that.  Yeah, we get it, Abyss is crazy.  Moving on.


The first match of the night is Sarita vs Taylor Wilde in a street fight. 

TNA has done a terrible job in building up this feud.  The reason for this is that it started on an episode of Xplosion.  So now they are fighting but the audience really could care less.  This sucks because both women are actually really descent wrestlers and it could be a good feud.  This one featured the quote of the night.  Sarita starts choking Taylor with a bag strap.  TAZ: “If this was another company, they would be fired over that”, or something to that affect.  Winner Sarita


Next.  Douglas Williams vs Brian Kendrick. 


This feud is new but it has already went on way to long.  I don’t think an “I Quit” match should have happened here.  I am not a fan of I Quit matches but this one really didn’t do much.  Descent but X division should not have I Quit in it.  Winner Brian Kendrick.  He needs something other than the Cobra Clutch, no one can see him beating Douglas Williams, where is Amazing Red to kick these dudes in the head.


Then we have Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett.  Boy it is funny that I write this.  I actually was a Big Nash Fan I mean, besides Mysterio Jr., he was my favorite wrestler.  Now I am just tired of him.  Kevin Nash comes out spitting stuff about not being seen and then JJ comes out talking about how Nash is egotistical and blah blah.  Obviously setting up a feud or something.  I could care less.  The truth is he is all about the money, why does TNA still employ this dude.  Cut his salary already and hire back Daniels, but that would mean that TNA does something smart with roster moves.


Desmond Wolfe vs Rob Terry vs Samoa Joe


Well we all have said it here.  TNA has really crapped on Desmond.  Well, at least he got a piece of entrance music here.  When I saw Rob Terry come out I said Oh no, he is jobbing to Rob Terry what is going on.  When I saw Samoa Joe, it made it easier.  I was like “Okay, Joe’s gonna kill both of them”.  This match was descent,  Joe vs Wolfe would be a really good match to see in the future, if they ever push Desmond.  Winner Samoa Joe.




There really was no must watch until this point.  This match was great.  Now I have seen great matches on Impact, but not in a long time, and the fact that this was given TIME, says enough.  Beer Money hasn’t been showing their potential recently, but, between the PPV and this match they have showed why they are a great tag team.  People will say this is a spot fest.  I will say they’re idiots.  It is a ladder match, you are going to see spots.  Great back and forth, and a good ending. Winner MCMG, no, Beer Money with the steal. It will be interesting to see how this best of 5 goes and what the next match will be.  One thing’s for sure people will tune in.  Check out this match if you haven’t seen it.


Morgan vs Dinero


Not much to say here but this was a really quick match just to set up a storyline.  Winner Dinero.  Anderson comes out to help Dinero when Morgan goes to attack him.  Possible Anderson/Morgan feud maybe.



Lethal vs Hardy


This match up seemed interesting enough.  It was okay to see these two lock up, it could have actually been a good match, but they didn’t have enough time to do anything big.  Winner Hardy.  I think they may have set this up to move down Lethal in the rankings maybe.


Now, on to the cream of the crop.  What you all have been waiting for.  Flair comes to the ring to announce the members of Fourtune (I spell it like that).  He says AJ is in and Kaz is a movie star.  Desmond comes out.  Thank goodness they are at least keeping him relevant in this.  Wolfe starts to talk but here comes Abyss with his girlfriend.  Everyone clears the ring.  He calls out RVD.  He says its time to share the plan "they" have for him.  He said very soon "they" are coming to TNA.  When "they" get here "they" are taking over TNA.  He goes on about THEY having asked abyss to pave the way.  Now here comes classic Russo, they're going to hang the spiked wood board 15 ft. high above the ring.  What sense does this make, who cares.  Why do they always go for this ___ (fill in space) on a pole match up’s.  They start attacking each other back and forth.  Abyss goes after rob with his girlfriend and, what, Mick Foley on the entrance ramp.  Okay.  The ECW guys come in the ring and they turn on Abyss, What?.  Maybe they changed the plans last minute to throw us off the story line.  Maybe not.  Anyway security gets taken out by ECW guys.  The TNA locker is out but are taken out by ECW guys.  Yeah Raven, Richards, and Dreamer can take out these guys…hmmm.  Al Snow is even taking out people WTF? RVD is taking out people.  JJ comes out and there is mayhem.  Dixie is shown in the crowd and tells everyone to stop and that she invited them.  End.


Well.  It seemed pretty crazy and cool that they had this kind of ending, but it was also kind of every where.  Some stuff just didn’t flow well.  The problem is the way they did it.  Dreamer and the guys should have at least acted like they were with Abyss and the announcers sounded just as lost as the audience, not giving us enough.  When RVD turned we should have seen that as a focus, not an after thought.  Devon tried to do a swerve in the ring, but so much craziness was happening that it was diluted.  Matt Morgan came out and he didn't hurt anyone, come on.  But, in all, it still did what it was supposed to, which was be a crazy scene.


And on a side note, if Al Snow was beating up the locker room with the ECW guys why is it he was shocked when Dixie said she invited them.  Makes you scratch your head. (I laugh every time I see Al's face).  Actually I laugh just seeing the utter confusion in the ring.  It's great lol.




UPDATED 7.16.10: thanks to word is that the show was heavily edited, so you didn't get to see Ink Inc. help RVD and be taken out by Abyss, you didn't see Abyss' reaction to Foley too much, and Brian Kendrick causing Simon Diamond and Al snow to side with ECW. 


My problem is people comparing this to the NXT angle.  Look, it’s a fact that they had this story line forming long before the NXT invasion even happened.  WWE just did it first.  Yes, the NXT angle came out of nowhere and it gave a lot of hype, and the NXT angle came out great, but, the show is live, TNA is not.  People knew about this Impact well beforehand, so it becomes less spontaneous, plus WWE knows how to do that well.  The ECW "turn" when WWE was facing WCW was one of the best moments on wrestling television.


In the end all of these companies stole the invasion angle from WCW in the N W O anyway.  In the end if you think the NXT angle is better or you think the ECW invasion type angle is better, the point is your talking about it and that is a good sign for wrestling in general.  People want to watch again.  So, was this show a MUST WATCH? I don’t know.  We had one great match and a crazy ending.  I think I have seen better Impact’s then that, but I’ll tell you what, it definitely got people talking, and it definitely has people tuning in next week.  What do you think?



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