NBA Draft: The Biggest Reaches of Each Year Since 2000

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NBA Draft: The Biggest Reaches of Each Year Since 2000

Every NBA Draft has its hits and misses. It has its sure things, its head-scratchers, and its steals.

Since the turn of the century, the song still remains the same. Every year, there are picks made by teams that leave us asking the questions; what were they thinking, and how, after having all that time to evaluate the players, did they come up with that as their best option.

Sometimes, it takes time until we realize just how bad the selection was. However, there are also those selections where you just instantly have to scratch your head, rewind, and shout or laugh as loudly as you can at your television set.

The NBA Draft has given us a collection of these instances. In each of the past 11 drafts, I was able to find my biggest reach in the top ten picks. The only year where the top ten selections actually made sense and got it right was in 2005. But I quickly found my reach with the 11th pick as you will see later in the slideshow.

These are my favorite reaches of the NBA Draft since the Y2K.

I will warn you though, be careful before you start the slideshow. Make sure all your joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons are ready for some stretching. Go through the slideshow at your own risk because we are going to do be doing some reaching.

If you think that you are ready; then let’s begin.

Also, don’t forget to leave your comments and any reaches that you feel your left out, overlooked, or forgotten about along the way. However, be sure to just include picks made in the top ten or lottery, and feel free to give your input on notable players who were still available that I may have left out.


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