Injury Report, Part 2: Deadman Back, Dreamer Hurt, Hall Recovering

JC AugustineCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2010

Hi guys, I've been so busy with theater(yes, I am a thespian, but one who also does mma) so there's been little time for anything but eat, sleep, Futurama , and YouTube . So here's Injury Report part 2.

Scott Hall's recovery from double pneumonia is advancing. He's off oxygen support and will be released in a few days. Update comes from Hall's online P.R. Manager, Maggie, via twitter.

On the WWE front, NXT rookie Alex Riley's head laceration that was sealed by staples two weeks ago was reopened during the battle royal on NXT. This may mean he will be out of the ring for a couple weeks to help with the healing process. 

Other WWE news, Triple H's image was removed from the Summer Slam poster and was replaced by the Big Show. This is of course due to the surgery that Hunter had recently. But the good news is that the Undertaker's image remains on the poster, leading to general thought from creative that Callaway will be recovered in time for one of the largest PPV's the WWE has all year. 

Other returning WWE stars included Diva, Melina. Melina has recoverd (for the most part) from a torn ACL and is waiting for the green light to return to the ring. 

One final piece of news I have before I go is that during the ECW evasion that occurred during tonights TNA episode, post TV time one of the wrestlers was injured. 

Tommy Dreamer was pushed off the entrance stage by Brother Ray. Dreamer fell onto the ground and subsequently tore his MCL(not kayfabe). Dreamer is in good spirits and posted this on his tweeter. 

"I did tear my MCL in knee Monday night. I must keep my no surgery streak alive. Need brace & tape,gum peanut butter to keep it together"

So that's the info I have for now, hopefully I will have time to write more articles and get my place back in the top 5! Till then, get hating on Linda McMahon!(I kid.....partially)