"Cody", Episode 3, "Dem Good 'Ol Days"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2010

Still hiding from Randy, Cody is eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with no crusts) in his mom's kitchen. Willis, though, is no where to be found...

Cody: Nom nom nom nom...

*cricket, cricket*

Cody: *looks around* Willis? Hello? Willis?

*cricket, cricket*

Cody: *sigh* Where are you Willis? You know how I hate to be alone...

Cody then walks into his bedroom full of wrestling posters, action figures, hot wheels, comics, and G.I Joes. Although there was a lot stuff, Cody's prized possesion was his poster above his bed...

Cody: *lays down* Ms. Thiessen, oh how I missed you.
While looking at his poster, Cody begins to drift off into a flashback...back to simpler days...

Randy: Codwee! Teb! Over Here nows!

Ted: What want, wandy?

Randy: Codwee!

Cody: Hi Wandy! *gives hug*

Randy: *pushes* Don't hug me! I's punts yous again!

Cody: *sniffle* What want?

Randy: Me and teb needs mo milkies!

Cody: *sniffle* Ok, I get some. *walks away*

Randy: Codwee is funny!

Ted: Yeah, he's a poopyhead! *both kids start laughing*

Then, another baby comes in and confronts the two...

Baby Cena: Why you guys so mean?

Randy: Nunya! *crosses arms*

Ted: Yeah, nunya! *crosses arms also*

Baby Cena: Guys, you gots to haves Thustle, Royalty and Respet!

Randy: Says who? Yo mommy?

Baby Cena: No!

Ted: You're a poopyhead too! Cuz Vinnie let you play with the cool toy all the time just because you bring him lots of cookies!

Baby Cena: Not too!

Randy: *draws black marker all over arms* I got a tatboo! You don't! Haha

Baby Cena: Vinnie tells me tatboo no good for me.

Randy: You stupid! You thuk! You Vinnie's bestest fred!

Baby Cena: *gasps* You say a bad word! I tell Vinnie! You lose all your cookies!

Randy: Vinnie no take my cookies! Vinnie like me!

Cody: *walks in* I bak! Heres milkies!

Randy & Ted: *grabs forcefully* Gimme!

Cody: *sighs and starts crying*

Randy: Why you cry Codwee? We you friends!

Ted: Ya!

Cody: *wipes eyes* I go play by the slide. *walks away*

So Cody goes across the playground, and finds a special face.

Special Face: Hi Cody! *jumps rope*

Cody: Hi Kelwee.

Kelwee: What wrong?

Cody: Me friends being mean...

Kelwee: Oh poor Cody. *gives hug*

Voice: Hey! That's my boyfriend!

Kelwee: Maeeze! What you talking bout?

Maeeze: No not him. Non, pas lui, le gars de Wandy. Euh, quel est son nom? Oh! C'est vrai! Son nom est Ted! Il me donne beaucoup de pâtisseries!

Kelwee: Wat?

Maeeze: Tupid girl...*walks over to Ted*

Kelwee: I sorry Codwee.

Cody: It O.K.

Kelwee: Hold my han?

Cody: Yay!

Kelwee: *giggles*

On the other side of the playground, we see a fight brewing!

Baby Trips: He pushed stephie into the sandbox! *points to Randy*

Randy: Ya I did! So what?

Baby Rey: ¡Amigos! ¿No podemos llevarnos bien? Vamos a tomar algún aperitivo en el interior y olvidarse de todo esto sucedió, hueno?

Baby Trips: I kill you! *runs after Randy*

Randy: Teb! Codwee! Hep! *runs away*

Ted: Don't worry Wandy! *hits Baby Trips with a stick*

Baby Trips: Grrr! *runs after both boys*

Ted: Wun!

Randy: Into the daycare!

While the chaos inside happens, we see the cutest thing going on...

Kelwee: You have purty eyes!

Cody: No you do!

Kelwee: *giggles* Codwee, do you want to be my boy...

Randy: *runs out* Codwee! Help me! Trippies gots a bat!

Cody: I'm sorry, Kelwee, but I got to help Wandy...

Kelwee: But Codwee! *Cody runs to help Wandy*

Randy & Ted: Get into the jeep!

Cody: *starts jeep* C'mon guys! Get In!

Randy, Ted and Cody drive away from a screaming Trippie with a PlaySchool bat into the sunset...with final words that sealed their fate...

Kelwee: ...friend? *sighs & tears start rolling down face*

Cody: *jumps up* Yes, yes I will!

*looks around*

*sigh* It was just a dream...

I'd like to thank Iam D Real Deal yo for the great idea!

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