Paul The Octopus Set For Big Move To Madrid, Spain.

Munachimso Nnebe-AgumaduContributor IJuly 15, 2010

According to the Guardian, one of the World Cup's biggest stars is set to move to Madrid. Paul the psychic octopus, who famously predicted Spain's final victory, is wanted by the City's zoo.

Negotiations have already begun as the bosses in Madrid are prepared to beat any offer Oberhausen Sea Life Centre receives for Paul. They are surely the world's most famous Caphalapod and acquiring one of the biggest star animals will attract a fair bit of interest.If the papers are to be believed, the Spanish based zoo will offer German counterparts 'whatever they demand' to seal the deal- possibly resulting in a cash-plus-animal transfer. The Madrid zoo aquarium has also stated that Paul would be treated with 'tender loving care' by visitors as he is seen as a national treasure in Spain.

Paul accurately predicted the outcome of all seven of Germany's World Cup matches, as well as the final between Spain and Holland which was definitely an improvement on his record for the 2008 European Championship when he correctly predicted four out of six of Germany's games.

As the Octopus' popularity grew, his final prediction was screened live on television around the world. Amazingly, he also became the world's third most popular twitter trend during the tournament, out-doing both Shakira and Cristiano Ronaldo with 141 hours of trending.