Why Burke Should Keep Picks and Prospects and Kabere Could Stay

Josh LawrenceContributor IJuly 15, 2010

TORONTO, ON - DECEMBER 21:  Tomas Kaberle #15 of the Toronto Maple Leafs fires a pass in a game against the Buffalo Sabres on December 21, 2009 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The Sabres defeated the Leafs 3-2 in overtime. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
Claus Andersen/Getty Images

A lot of people are speculating a lot of trades revolving around Kaberle, if we could get Bobby Ryan, Jeff Carter or James Neal like some have been suggesting I'd be all for it but the truth is we're not going to get any of those guys without giving up another valuable asset such as Kadri or Schenn. We finally have good prospects to build a franchise around and we don't want to mess with that. Kadri is the next Patrick Kane, he can skate, he can pass, he can deke, and snipe 'em top corner. Schenn with the mentorship of Phaneuf is going to be the next Chris Pronger, they can plow people through the boards and since Phaneuf has been telling Schenn to shoot more he's developing quite a shot.

Now back to Kaberle. Some criticize him for not being good defensively but he's actually not that bad (iqnore the +/- rating he was on the 29th place team, he pinches the puck carrier until their along the boards and then turns over the puck to create a scoring chance. Kaberle has consistently had one of the better first passes in the league and I wouldn't want to lose that. A first pass can be very valuable in the playoffs;where we will be, for example, we're on a PK and it's getting really tense in our zone and Kaberle springs a pass up ice as  the guy steps out of the box.

I think we have enought top six forwards, Kadri, Bozak, Kessel, Versteeg, Kulemin, we're just missing that 6th top six  if were to get a 30-goal scorer in return for Kaberle I'd be all for it