What Is Next for Kane?

Joel GarciaContributor IIJuly 15, 2010

Hey fellow WWE and Bleacher Report readers, did you miss me? Probably not, but anyway I have not written any articles for quite some time now due to school and needed the write motivation to find one.

Since I have found one, how about I move on hey.

As we all know Kane has a good storyline which is basically him (Kane) going around interrogating people into finding out which superstar/s made The Undertaker enter a vegetative state.

It has been quite some time in which Kane has instilled real fear into fellow superstars and it is great to see him as somewhat the Attitude Kane as we all know and love.

He is now screaming in superstars ears and making superstars cry *cough cough* Jack Swagger (watch the clip on youtube it either looks like he is about to cry or crocodile tears crying but nevertheless good stuff) also throwing them around and whatnot. 

As my title reads "What is next for Kane?" After this storyline are the creative team just going to make him become a jobber again until in the future some good opportunity to use Kane comes about?

According to some sources, they are already saying Kane is the perpetrator that put his brother into the vegetative state. Kane is having another psychotic episode where he believes other superstars did this to The Undertaker, while unbeknownst to him he was the attacker all along.

Ultimately leaving another match between Kane and The Undertaker (which will probably see The Undertaker win and that will be that). Other sources say they are one of the superstars involved in the current storyline (Mysterio, Swagger, Punk and others).

If this is true, what is next for Kane?

Who do you think attacked The Undertaker and put him in a vegetative state and why

Thanks for reading guys.