Las Vegas. Luke Schenscher. Summer League. Me. Luke Schenscher.

Busta BucketCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2010


Very soon I'll be in Las Vegas enjoying the 110 degree heat and low-quality basketball. I may post some things from there but my hope is that I'll be having too much fun to spend time battling my laptop and making more jokes for CHOBB to steal .

I'm going with my Dad. It will be like "Fear and Loathing" except no drugs and less writing--and we will be driving a Nissan Sentra instead of a Cadillac. Although to be fair the Nissan Sentra is the Cadillac of reasonably priced compact cars.

My one blog related goal may be to interact with Luke Schenscher. Maybe he'll give me his secrets to picking up the ladies. ("The secret is to be Luke Schenscher," I hope he says.) Maybe we'll discuss LARPing. I assume he keeps that look because he's into LARPing. Maybe we hug a little. Maybe karaoke (please!). I think we all agree that we need more Schenscher. Schenscher, I'm looking for you. Schenscher.


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