Will The Nexus Take Aim At SmackDown?

Jason Taylor@jtay59Correspondent IJuly 15, 2010

"The winds of change have arrived in WWE!" Ever since that proclamation came from the mouth of Season One NXT Winner Wade Barrett, he and The Nexus have blown through World Wrestling Entertainment with a cold, calculating style that hasn't been seen in quite some time.

Led by the brash and confident Barrett, The Nexus have cut a path of destruction and domination on Monday nights by taking out any Raw superstar, official, or commentator who dares to stand in the way of "the much bigger picture." They have targeted John Cena on numerous occasions, and now the bullseye may be shifted to the WWE Champion, Sheamus.

The WWE legends and Vince McMahon haven't been spared either, as they also have been added to the Nexus' list of victims.

The Nexus' reign of terror continued as they went home to NXT, where they pounded and pummeled their rookie counterparts and pros into submission during a 20-man battle royal.

Despite not having any single member of the Nexus participate in a WWE match, they've still been able to impose their collective will on everyone and become a force to be feared and reckoned with.

Fueled by their unwavering loyalty toward each other and the pursuit of "the bigger picture," will The Nexus take aim at World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio and the rest of the SmackDown roster?

It appears to be a perfect time for The Nexus to strike, as The Undertaker is out of action and Rey Mysterio and Big Show aren't 100 percent, courtesy of Jack Swagger.

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