The Revival of Baseball

Patrick ShieldsCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2008

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to watch the Cubs/Brewers game last night you missed perhaps the most exhilarating game of the season so far. From Ryan Braun's massive HR to Derrek Lee's 2-run double in the ninth to the raucous Milwaukee crowd, this game felt as if it was being played in October and not July.

Outfield bleacher seats were reportedly being scalped for over $100...$100 for a game in July.... in Milwaukee? Really? Yes sir. Know why? Because baseball is back and stronger than ever and last night's game between the Brew Crew and Cubbies showed it. America is catching baseball fever and it is no longer just the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry that has meaning and passion.

Cubs/ Brewers, Mets/Phillies, and even Twins/White Sox are all evolving into heated rivalries as America's zeal for baseball blossoms again. Skeptics worried that the controversy over steroids and the Mitchell Report could possibly hamper the 2008 season but so far, it looks just the opposite.

I mean, Minnesota fans are beginning to pack the dome again as if it were 1991 all over again and Tampa Bay suddenly has a fan base. Who would have thought, that after watching Roger Clemens babble on like an idiot in front of Congress that baseball would be where it is right now.

Baseball is alive and well and as the season pushes on towards the playoffs, we are no doubt in store for more games like last night. Summer is winding down but the playoff race is heating up, and for this baseball fan, that is more than enough to keep me going.