UPDATED: A message from “Ace”

Daria Del CollianoContributor IJuly 13, 2010

Dear Readers,

Beginning in June, I went away on assignment and have been working feverishly on some exciting new ventures. Due to my schedule and commitments to other projects, I have put  ”Ace of Braves” on hiatus.

I apologize for the absence of blogs but want to assure you that “Ace of Braves” will resume at a later date with the same insight, expertise and passion for Braves baseball that you have come to expect.

Thank you so much for your patience and support

UPDATED: 7/14/2010

After posting this message last night, the Atlanta Braves have announced a HUGE trade today involving Yunel Escobar, which I felt I needed to weigh in on.

As part of the five-player deal, the Braves received veteran shortstop Alex Gonzalez — who is enjoying a career year — in return. The decision to move Escobar now — while he’s been mired in a season-long slump — in an effort to bolster their offense with the power that Gonzalez boasts (his 17 dingers to Yunel’s 0 this season is just one example of the obvious immediate upgrade) is not what comes as a surprise.

The more shocking aspect of this trade is that the Braves are seemingly giving up on the talented Escobar’s upside and making a move to win NOW while potentially sacrificing the future in return.

Or are they?

The Braves organization has little patience with any off-the-field issues. They put up with Esco while he was performing but now it seems the flashy shortstop may have finally worn out his welcome in the Atlanta clubhouse.

Escobar himself was said to be shocked by the news, as I am sure many of you in BravesNation are as well.

However, for the past year, I’ve written on “Ace of Braves” about Escobar’s tumultuous relationship with the Atlanta Braves organization. I have a feeling clubhouse cohesiveness — in a year where the Braves are more united than ever — played a significant role in Wren’s decision to act now in dealing Escobar.

I’ve personally stood behind Escobar and continue to do so today, as I’ve written in past articles. He’s a good kid. Immature, yes. A clubhouse cancer, absolutely not.

I am however, interested in your opinion.

Did the Braves make the right move and for the right reasons?

Is there more to this trade than meet’s the eye?

Check out my past two archived articles and let me know what you think.



I’ll look for your feedback in the comments section.

I hope this debate, which is sure to rage on, will tide you over while I’m away.

Look forward to new blogs in the near future.