The Nexus Does Good As NXT Rating Increases!

Rex WilliamsContributor IJuly 14, 2010

It looks as if The Nexus has began paying dividends for the WWE as this weeks NXT rating proves to show an upward trend.

This weeks edition of WWE NXT drew 1,466,000 viewers, which translates to a 1.11 (1.1) in cable ratings.  This weeks rating saw more than 300,000 viewers deciding to watch this weeks show over last weeks (which got a 0.8 cable rating)

This can only make the office happy and it does prove that Nexus has been doing a lot of good for the company.  What amazes me about this news is that these are 8 (er 7, now 6) people who a year ago could walk down the street and not turn heads.  Now they are drawing over 300,000 irregular viewers to WWE's latest hotshot concept. 

My Other Thoughts on Tuesday's Show

The Miz & Alex Riley versus Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon proved to be a good match.  Lucky Cannon is one of those guys that can sell a beating, unfortunately that's where my praise for him ends.  The continuation of Mark Henry versus The Miz was great for the simple reason of it being logical.  Alex Riley should his true potential in this ten minute match.  One problem I had was that although the rivalry was further, hype for Money In The Bank was missing.

The Showtime, Percy Watson Show looks to be a good gimmick to hold him.  I do love babyface chat shows and hope that if he becomes a WWE superstar (considering he is only looked upon as a rookie currently) this segment continues.  The inaugural edition didn't do much other than set up this battle royal, but it served it's purpose from a creative perspective.

The 20-Man battle royal was going to drag down the show.  My first thought was "why give us such a cluttered match", but they soon solved my problem and saved the night by subtracting the Nexus straight away.  Although my problems with battle royals continued as they can be quite boring between eliminations with the "oh he has him on the ropes" and the "he was so close to going over".  Luckily the Nexus saved me once again by attacking the eliminated superstars and rookies.  At the end it was well down, but the Nexus is a 6 person group and it won?  They should of had the other 5 members eliminate themselves to prove their loyalty to Barrett.

Overall a good show and hopefully some if not all of the extra 300,000 viewers stay on for another week.  Next week will tell a good story and the question still remains.  Who will be WWE's next breakout star?