The Nexus: Why Do We Hate It?

Rex WilliamsContributor IJuly 14, 2010

Over the last month or so, we have been given the pleasure of a new faction with new faces with the hope of leading the WWE to a new future. All is wonderful, right?


While we sung the praises of the Nexus on the first night, we turned sour so suddenly. Why, though? It gave the "IWC" everything we wanted, new faces, new rivalries and unpredictability. While many say, what was once a shocking and promising storyline is now too predictable and the same thing every week, I believe there is another reason for these same people's new found hatred.

Daniel Bryan. On a previous article on this site a poll was created that posed the question, "would the Nexus storyline be better received if Daniel Bryan was apart of it?" The answer was, by a mile, yes. Really? My answer to this poll a few weeks ago and even now as I write this article, is no. The Nexus rivalry has been affected in no way by the release of Daniel Bryan. And why? Because when the poll was created the Nexus had still not stepped in a RAW ring. The promo skills have been handled extremely well without the need for Bryan and if anything it has allowed others to step up and shine, which can only be a good thing.

So, now you ask me why so many people disagree with me, don't you? And guess what, I've got an answer for that too. We're blinded. We're blinding by the beauty of this young man's in-ring work. And where's my proof? Me. I had never seen him in the ring until he stood toe-to-toe with Chris Jericho. And when NXT begun, I ignored all comments from the IWC and watched it with zero influence and past history. In conclusion, I believe we are faced with the similar dilemma that many of said about the recent Monday Night Wars. Fans are too loyal to WWE, to even consider watching TNA. Similarly, I think the IWC were too loyal to Bryan Danielson to ever give Daniel Bryan a chance. And again, I think the IWC are too loyal to him now to enjoy the Nexus angle without him.

Now that I've had my rant, what do you think? Have I just ruined my career as a wrestling journalist by talking about the IWC's darling? Or have I exposed something everyone else was too scared to even imagine? Thanks for reading.