Jim Ross Receives Another Slap In the Face From WWE

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJuly 14, 2010

If you pay close attention to the opening of WWE shows, you will notice that Jim Ross's voice is absent.

His sound bites from the previous opening were "My god, what a fight!", "It's not over!" and "The World is Watching!"

Those sound bites have been replaced by those of Freddie Blassie, "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, Gorgeous George, and Michael Cole.

Now the lingering question that many of us want answered is what made the WWE change the opening?

I thought up a few theories that may be possible solutions to this situation.

Before we dive into my theories, let's review the past few months of Jim Ross's life.

We all know that Ross was taken off WWE television due to one of his Bell's Palsy attacks, which occurred on Oct. 20. In the ensuing months, Ross would be recovering from his debilitating attack. On May 1, his talent contract expired.

Jim Ross had his contract renewed so that he is still employed by the WWE as a talent scout and is in charge of payroll.

Now that I have recapped the last few months, I can share with you my theories on this sound bites situation! Now, remember this is all speculation and not facts.

Removing his voice from the opening could be his punishment for attending UFC 116 early this month. It could be seen as disloyal, as he was not wearing his WWE gimmick.

Paul Heyman was in attendance at the PPV event, and is rumored to be joining TNA sometime in the future.

Bill Goldberg also seemed to think this is the reason why Jim Ross's sound bites were deleted, as he says this:

"So I hear the WWE made an example out of JR because he was on-camera being interviewed at Brock's UFC event. Things never change do they, sounds like something they would do. Just speaking out for my buddy JR."

Another theory is that the WWE deleted Jim Ross's sound bites as they are anticipating the possibility of Paul Heyman recruiting Jim Ross in an effort to make TNA a national competitor. 

WWE could even be playing head games with Jim Ross, as they did with Mick Foley!

The most likely explanation is that WWE wanted to change up the opening a bit by switching out the sound bites. If that's the case, then everyone is over speculating and over reacting.

You all are probably wondering what Jim Ross had said about his sound bites being removed. Well, he says this:

"I do not feel the 'conspiracy theory' concept that others have shared here on the site (his blog) and look at my relationship with WWE as I have for years. I have no issues with cashing their checks and likewise have no issues in doing my assigned duties."

"I have not felt better mentally or physically in years which is BIG considering where I once was and I have too much to be thankful for to bitch and moan about a sound byte on TV."

You can read his blog here.

We all can only speculate on the reasons why his voice was removed from the opening.

For now, we all have to come with our own reason as to why. The one thing we do know is that Jim Ross does not care if his voice is in the opening or not.