The 20 Worst-Behaved Teams in Sports

Jon StarSenior Writer IJuly 15, 2010

The 20 Worst-Behaved Teams In Sports

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    In sports, teams and players always want to achieve the best and brightest moments on the biggest stage. Teams need the strongest, unbreakable amount of determination and dedication possible to get there. However, that is not always the case, as sometimes a sport's most successful team is also its worst behaved. Somehow, some way, teams have managed to find success though they may be ill-behaved and, in some regards, outright breaking rules.

    Other times, teams are flat-out breaking rules and getting into trouble without the benefit of a title at the end. Regardless of their ultimate achievements or failures, we remember these 20 teams as the worst-behaved in sports history.

The Bronx Zoo

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The Cocaine Cowboys

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1980s Miami Hurricanes

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Portland Jail Blazers

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SMU Mustangs Get The Death Penalty

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Spygate Patriots

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USC Football/Basketball

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Washington Wizards

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Cincinnati Bengals

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Pittsburgh Steelers

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UConn Men's Basketball

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University of Kansas

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2004 Indiana Pacers

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The Bad Boys Of Detroit

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Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders

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New York Mets

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East German Olympic Team

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Late 1990s Texas Tech Football

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China's Gymnastics Problem

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Free Shoes State University

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