Song Of The Day - July 28, 2008

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Song Of The Day - July 28, 2008
Today's featured song is a cover of the biggest hit from probably the greatest band to come out of Norway, a-ha. No doubt a one-hit wonder, a-ha's claim to fame was the product of it's debut album Hunting High and Low, which was released in 1985. "Take On Me" is personally one of my favorite songs of all time, though I don't necessarily hold the original version in the same regard as the version shown below by Reel Big Fish. RBF is a ska band that isn't very fond of the music industry, as noted by songs like "Sell Out" and "Don't Start A Band." These jokesters love the music they play and are not afraid to follow the beat of their own collective drum. For the 1998 movie (and cult hit) BASEketball RBF covered "Take On Me," adding new life to the old classic by introducing horns and a traditional ska sound. Like most singles produced for movies, the music video for RBF's "Take On Me" features clips from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's hilarious film about a fictional new sport that combines aspects from the title's namesake: baseball and basketball. 

The first video that follows is the Reel Big Fish version while the one below it is the original creation from a-ha. Which do you like better? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Reel Big Fish


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