Ranking the NFL's Top Quarterbacks from Each Decade (With Video)

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Ranking the NFL's Top Quarterbacks from Each Decade (With Video)

To me, it’s hard to make a list of the best quarterbacks of all time. It depends on how long of a list you make. Making a list of the best per decade is no walk in the park either.

It's not hard to make a list of the best quarterbacks ever. The complexity lies in deciding how they rank within their particular decades. I take into consideration the exact time they played at their best, how they executed in that decade with championships, Pro Bowls, winning seasons, etc.

Another thing I looked at was if the player overlapped in decades, which raises the question, was he the best player during a certain decade with only "x" amount of years played during that time period?

In this slideshow, I have put together the best quarterbacks per decade. Throughout the history of the NFL, the quarterback position has been probably the hardest and craziest position on the field.

The pre-1950s was a time when the league was based on ball control; very few quarterbacks actually evolved into what a quarterback should be.

After the 1950s, a new breed of signal callers were left for the wolves. Guts and glory seemed like the motto to become the prototypical field general.

Times started to change, and so did the rules, and the offense finally had the boost it was looking for.

Protecting the quarterback started to become an essential key in how the game is played today. Stats caught fire, and records seemed to get broken and set every time you turned the tube on.

The West Coast system was the new look in the '80s. Defensive units had their hands full of hair trying to deal with the intelligence of Bill Walsh’s new system for quarterbacks. Roger Craig was the first to rush for 1,000 yards and have 1,000 yards receiving in a single year.

The West Coast brought a whole new set of cards to the table and opened up the modern style run and gun we see today.

In the 1990s, the West Coast system boomed, and more teams started to use Walsh’s system and even modified it to fit their teams. The '90s was a time when offensive points started to fill the boards and stats started to jump from state to state.

Mobility in the 2000s became quite popular with quarterbacks like Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, and Daunte Culpepper. Defensive schemes are getting more praise these days to take out the quarterback and set new standards for sacks in a year. I still think pocket passers will always have reign over run-first guys.

Enjoy the slideshow, and feel free to express your thoughts and views in the comment box. Don’t be afraid to click the “like” button. Thank you!

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