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Bleacher ReportAnalyst IJuly 28, 2008
  • "I asked Ted [Saturday], 'Am I welcome in the building if I report?' And Ted was just about shattered. He said, 'Brett, you can't do that -- you'll get me fired.' I told him I'm not trying to get anybody fired. So Ted asked me to let the guys report and let's try to resolve this over the next two or three days."
  • "I said, 'Let me compete, you'll know I'll win this job' and Ted said again, 'Brett, things have changed. Aaron Rodgers is our quarterback.' It's pretty clear -- and this is what I told the commissioner -- that they want me to go away, stay retired. They would much rather see me in a Packers' uniform, paying me $12 million to be a backup -- which you know they really don't want -- rather than see in another uniform, no matter what they say. They'll drag this out, asking a king's ransom [in a trade], hoping it all goes away."
  • "Deanna, Bus, everyone here [in Mississippi] says, 'You're so stupid, letting [the Packers] play you like this. They want me to get in there now. I may wait until Tuesday or so."

Sources say that Favre will eventually report to camp to force the Packers hand. Thompson obviously would love to get a trade done in the next couple of days, though.

But if he doesn't get what he believes is good value for Favre, will Thompson grin and bear it? Will he allow Favre to come to camp with all the distractions he brings?

Mortenson, on ESPN's SportsCenter, said that the Packers may "ice" Favre during training camp giving him hardly any reps and just hang onto him. Presumably that means that Thompson may be willing to hang onto Favre until his trade value goes up, if perhaps there is an injury somewhere.

It's becoming harder and harder to think that this episode could end in a way other than a trade to another team.

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