WWE Moves Forward With Raw Guest Host Concept

Jason TaylorCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2010

Once again I've decided to plunge into the murky waters of what's known as the WWE Raw guest host concept.

We basically know why WWE is continuing the concept, to keep them in the eyes of mainstream media while attempting to bring in those fans who may be "on the fence."

But not too long ago, Vince and Stephanie McMahon considered scrapping the concept altogether because the guest hosts weren't familiar with or didn't know enough about the overall WWE product.

Instead of abandoning the concept, WWE scaled back to having guest hosts on a bi-weekly basis. I'm thinking that WWE is using the extra week to widen their search for guest hosts who have a little more star power and knowledge of the WWE.

If there was any doubt whether WWE is going to stick with the concept, the following statement on WWE.com should solidify their position.

Upcoming Raw guest hosts

Written: July 12, 2010

From comedians to politicians to musical performers to professional athletes, Monday Night Raw's guest hosts are some of  past and present's finest entertainers.

The WWE universe can expect this trend to continue as more and more of the most popular celebrities are hopping aboard to serve as Raw special host.

Check back here as new Raw special guest hosts are announced, and be sure to be tuned in on Monday nights when the biggest stars from all over the world have the opportunity to take over as Raw's special guest host.

Well, there you have it. Thanks for stopping by and let the comments fly!