Kobe Bryant Vs Michael Jordan By The Numbers Alot Closer Than You Think.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2010

There once was a time when winning the NBA finals was just that winning the NBA finals. It didn't matter who was apart of the roster when you won, you were a champion nonetheless.

That age became obsolete during the 99-00 season. Before that season no one brought up the fact that Jordan never won a ring without Pippen, let alone got to the conference finals.(Pippen would eventually get to the Conference Finals without Michael though).

It wasn't brought up that Larry Bird had Mchale and Parish, basically pocket aces up his sleeve the majority of his career.

Alot is made up of Kobe paring with Shaq, but Magic Johnson played with probally the greatest center of all time. Still in all Magic's rings aren't questioned by that, so why are Kobe's?

Then you have the rediculous comparion you get from Kobe Hater Nation and I quote "Well if we're going off rings Robert Horry is better than Kobe".

These are the same guys that will turn around and say Jordan is better than Russell even though Russell is the greatest champion of all time.

The difference between Russell and Jordan and Kobe and Horry, is Russell wasn't a bench player, Horry was. Russell was the Man on his team like Michael and later on Kobe, Horry was never the Man. Russell. Michael and Kobe made fate happen, Horry's career was created by fate big difference.

Now to the numbers since so many people have made a fuss about Kobe's peformance with Shaq I have decided to start Kobe's career at the point where Shaq started to decline and Kobe became the number one option.

So from the 03-04' season to the '10 season Kobe average 27 ppg, 5 apg 5rpg in his first seven years as numero uno.

Now for Jordans stats in his first seven years, 29 ppg, 5.1 apg,and 5.5 rpg. Very smiliar with the slight edge going to Jordan.

However here's the kicker in their first seven years as numero uno Kobe walks away as victor, How is that you might ask, Kobe has the most rings 2 back to back rings to Jordans 1.

Now we move to the playoffs with Kobe as head honcho, averaged 25 ppg, 4.5 apg, 4.8 rpg. Now on to Jordan's playoff averages, 35 ppg, 6.8 apg and 6.6 rpg Jordan in a runaway right? Wrong! Not so fast now lets compare competition.

Three of Jordan's first seven years he was eliminated out of the playoffs the first round with such a early exit of course your stats will be inflated there's less games to divide them by and less chances of you having a bad game at that! 

4 of 7 of those years he entered the playoffs with a losing record. Yes even back then the Eastern conference was so weak that you didn't need a winning record to enter the post-season.

Jordan's worst season the Bulls went 30 and 52 and they were still 4th in their division. That should give you a grasp on the competition back then in the Eastern Conference.

 Jordan lead the Bulls to 321 wins in his first seven seasons, One Eastern Conference Championship and one ring.

Now for Kobe in his first seven years, he unlike Jordan missed the playoffs the 04-05 season with a record of 34-48, which would been more than enough to get him in the playoffs in the central division back in Jordans era.

Aside from that minor hiccup in just seven years as the first option of the Lakers Kobe has been two the finals four times winning two of those back to back, he lead the Lakers to four Western Conference championships and 357 wins in a historically stronger conference.

So once again Jordan takes the stats, Kobe walks away with the victory. And this is the version where they are actually close,if you take away Pippen from Jordan's equation as I have Shaq's from Kobe's.

You got Kobe in a runaway over Jordan with 2 rings to Zilch!

The comparison between these two individuals is alot closer than you think.