Seahawks Acquire Branch

Richard BowlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 11, 2006

IconThe Seattle Seahawks acquired wide receiver Deion Branch from the New England Patriots for a first round draft pick. The former Super Bowl MVP was in a contract dispute with the Patriots and had held out for the entire preseason. Deion Branch was unhappy in the final year of his rookie contract and felt he deserved more money.
For the Seahawks this move adds depth and speed to a receiving core which has a history of injuries. Branch will be moved all around the field and will give the Seahawks a solid four wide receiver set that will allow them to stretch the field. For the Patriots this resolves the issue and settles the receiving core rotation. On the other hand this move takes away Tom Brady's number one target and further depletes the New England receiving core. In the end the question is do you take a twenty seven year old proven veteran or the potential of a late first round pick? The Seahawks chose the veteran because they believe he can help them win right now and when you have a shot to win a championship you must do everything you can to win.
The Patriots have a philosophy and they were not willing to change it for Deion Branch. They get a first round pick and they get rid of a player who was unhappy. This trade has its advantages for both teams but it looks like the Seahawks have the better end and Branch should be an impact player right away.