A P.Contributor IJuly 13, 2010


This coming Impact has been said to be a must watch and the MCMG match is another gem.  Personally the last several Impact's have been great and the ratings have shown it.

With news of Heyman coming in, the shows have been picking up some viewers.  They are doing a great job in bringing good Impact's to the people tuning in to check out how the story line is going.  If your not a fan, or a lost TNA fan, be sure to check it out, it may impress you.

However, It has been reported that President Dixie Carter had a meeting with Talent telling them to tighten their in ring work as they have been getting lazy, due to Impact being a taped show.  The talent were said to be furious with this meeting.  This could be a sign of showing some good in ring product with the recent surge of positive Impact's that we have been seeing lately.

Maybe we are seeing a showcase for Paul Heyman to lure him in.

In any case, if she did have a meeting.  I find this totally UN-Called for and wrong on Dixie's part.  If I was a wrestler there I would have cursed her out.  How dare Dixie say to talent that they are getting lazy.  This is the same woman that allowed The Nasty Boys to get in that ring.  The same woman who allowed Hogan and his bad back to wrestle in that ring.  Same woman who gave a title to ROB TERRY. The same woman who let THE LAZIEST WRESTLER OUT THERE IN SCOTT HALL WRESTLE IN THAT RING!!, GAVE THE BAND THE TITLES AND STILL EMPLOYS KEVIN NASH.  It proves that this woman doesn't know her ass from her elbows.  This talent has done nothing but bust their butt's in that ring, knowing that they had to wrestle against some overpaid, over-aged wrestlers.

If you agree with this post this around.  We need to show this woman she is wrong.