Raw Rebound: The Cat and the Fox

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Raw Rebound: The Cat and the Fox

Last week the sly Divas Champion bamboozled Eve out of a win, faking an ankle injury and then proceeding to axe kick the crap out of her. This week we find the Divas Champ going up against Gail Kim. Will the intelligent champion pull a cheap win out of her cat-like competitor? Watch Below:


Eve is seen being introduced to a nice little reaction, and she then heads over to commentary as the woman who screwed her out of the title walks out. She's in a new red outfit, and I guess our Divas Champ is taking advantage of her new 'top status' by nuzzling new outfits out of the tailors backstage each week, because as we know, you can only ask them to make you outfits if you're over or are high up on the totem pole.

Next out is Gail, and whoa! She actually  got a reaction! That just goes to show the type of impact Gail's wrestling has on people. The woman doesn't have to utter a word, yet she still gets a nice little reaction like that? Which, by the way, takes most women a few years to get.

Anyways, the bell rings and our match up is underway. Both ladies tie up, but Gail's the one to muscle Alicia over. She hits an arm drag and then sends Alicia to the corner. Gail goes for a monkey flip, but Alicia hangs on and the cat-like competitor falls on her back. She regains her composure quickly, though, running at the Divas Champ but finding a knee to the face.

Alicia stays on the attack, dragging Gail to the middle of the ring and locking in a headlock. The fans rile Gail up nicely, and she elbows out, but Alicia guts her with a nice kick. She tries sending her opponent to the ropes, but Gail reverses, pulling Alicia into a nice flapjack. The former Women's Champion continues her offensive streak, following up with a clothesline, dropkick, and her patented shoulder-block-through-the-ropes.

As she goes to the top rope, though, Alicia awkwardly flips her onto her back and into the ring by her hair. Gail tries to think fast, elbowing the champion in the midsection and prepping for the Eat Defeat, but Alicia throws her off, and she ends up in a split of sorts. The champ takes advantage, hitting a badly-placed axe kick on Gail for the pin and the win.

As Alicia pours salt into Eve's wounds, an e-mail from the mystery general manager is received. Michael Cole announces that the general manager made a match for Money in the Bank based on the fact that Alicia faked injury last week in her match with Eve. We learn that Eve will have a rematch for a Divas Championship on Sunday at the ppv, and cue the ending of the whole segment.

Well, first on the match. Short as it may've been, I thought Alicia and Gail did great with what they were given. Alicia's power moves always provide a good foil to Gail's fast-paced, luchador style. It was smart of WWE to put the match right at the top of the card, because they did actually get some nice little reactions here and there, especially for Diva standards.

Eve on commentary was really, really bad. Compared to girls like Maryse, Melina, and Beth Phoenix, Eve was just a complete travesty on the mic. She didn't sound forceful or angry at all, she just sounded slightly annoyed. This is the problem with Eve, she never goes all the way 'there'. She's always lacking something, some "oomph", and it keeps her from progressing.

I also found that she stuttered and her voice was actually boring me. That is never a good thing. I mean, the only thing that got her semi-over was those two segments with Maryse where she was hit in the face with the title, and the one in Canada where she repeatedly smashed Maryse's face into a desk, and that's not going to last forever.

Now that this new match was added to Money in the Bank, we have two Divas matches on the card. That hasn't happened since last year at Night of Champions! How many months is that now? I think this is a great thing for us Diva fans, and for the Divas themselves.

Being on the same card both brands are going to have to compete with each other to put on the better match up, just like last year. Hopefully a match of the year will be put on on Sunday, as with last year, but if not I think Alicia vs Eve will provide the wrestling side of things while Layla vs Kelly will be full of shenanigans.

I expect WWE to put the Raw Divas match first, giving us the lengthy, gritty match we want. Then, because LayCool and Kelly are more over, they'll be put at the bottom of the card. I think Kelly will either lose to Layla, or beat her but be told that because she didn't beat Michelle as well she has to face her too. Or they might even make it a handicap match with LayCool facing Kelly.

But, if WWE wants to make it really interesting, they could have Tiffany and Kelly face LayCool for both titles. Obviously Team Blondetourage winning would be a huge swerve, and would most definitely bring tons of buzz to the company. But, LayCool winning could segue into Tiffany feuding with LayCool. It's a win-win, and I highly suggest it. But I'd still want some profits for contributing that idea!

Anyways, later on in the night The Hart Dynasty had a match with the USO's, but I'm not going to go over it here because all Tamina and Natalya did in the match was catfight. But, even later in the night Tedyse graced us with their presence. Watch that here:


As Tedyse (Teryse? Mareddy? Mariase'? You choose) comes out, a replay of Maryse's interference is played and the couple makes their entrance. Ted goes on to introduce the million dollar couple, him and the Money in the Bank briefcase. Maryse's reaction is funny, but as soon as he tells her about gifts she loosens up. He says he's going to become WWE Champion and cue John Morrison interrupting.

As Morrison interrupts he insults Maryse, which garners a French onslaught of words from the former Divas Champion. Morrison falsely translates what the beauty said into something really stupid, and Maryse then backs her man up. She tries to slap Morrison, who blocks, and then the men begin to brawl. Morrison gets the better of the exchange in the end, and then preps for his Starship Pain, but Maryse saves her man from the move.

That was a nice little segment! Once again Maryse out-shined her man, but surprisingly, I still don't mind. Maryse is supposed to elevate Ted, and I get that, but for some odd reason she always seems to outdo him. I don't know if it's because of WWE's writing or her bursting charisma, but she always ends up shining.

I think this isn't going to change for quite some time, so WWE is going to have to get the WWE Universe to hate Maryse so much that they want to see any of her allies go down, ala' Melina with MNM, or one of the old-school managers.

Speaking of Melina, was I the only one who wanted to see Morrison introduce her back into the WWE? I think that Melina returning to help Morrison is a ready-made angle. She has history with him, she has history with Maryse, and she can come back to help. Simple. My only worry is that the women would outshine the men.

I know I'm supposed to support the Divas no matter what, but that doesn't mean the men don't matter either. They work just as hard as the women to get respect, and that should be recognized.

If Melina does in fact return to help Morrison fight Tedyse, I would love to see a three-way feud between Melina, Maryse, and Alicia come out of it! All three are unique, dynamic characters. All three can put on solid matches when given the chance. And all three can talk on the mic. There's so many possibilities with Melina's return, and WWE just has to utilize it correctly.


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