A Glimmer Of Hope: Will The Islanders Move to Kansas City?

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIJuly 13, 2010

The town of Hempstead has vetoed the "Lighthouse Project" which means no renovations for Nassau Colosseum. With no renovations Islander's owner Charlie Wang might look for a new home for the Islanders.

Here we go again.

I'm writing this from the perspective of a Kansas City hockey fan who has waited and been teased for so long with the prospect of an NHL team. It started back in 2006 with the Penguins, then it was the Predators, then it was the Coyotes, now its the Islanders who might be exploring relocation.  

Now i do feel bad for the Islander's die hards if Wang does decided to relocate them to somewhere that they would lose their team. I would be devastated if the Royals or Chiefs were to move but the Islanders evidently do not have the support from their city and county to renovate their arena. It looks from someone not from Long Island that the fans don't give a damn.

Now i'm not saying the Islander's fans are like the Coyote's fans, Islander's fans do care a lot about the team but unfortunately the majority of the people in Long Island did not care enough to vote for renovations. 

This does not mean that the Islanders will move at all though. Wang might keep them playing at Nassau. Wang has also been in touch with people from Brooklyn to move the team to a new arena there with the NBA Nets. Brooklyn is better than nothing for Islander's fans right?

I hope they move to Kansas City. There are other cities wanting teams like Las Vegas and Seattle but Kansas City seems like a better choice than both of those cities. Kansas City has a brand new arena that is only used for concerts at the moment, while Las Vegas has no arena at the moment, and Seattle has a run-down, too small arena. Seattle also couldn't sustain enough support to keep the Super-Sonics in town so why should they receive an NHL team?

I would feel sorry for the Islander's fans if they moved, especially if they don't move to Kansas City, but if the Islander's do move to Kansas City, i can promise you that Kansas City will show them great support and will cheer them on winning or losing.

That's all folks but i would like to remind you that even if the Royals do suck, at least we're not the Yankees. 

Ben Gartland

July 13th