Breaking News:Al Jefferson To The Jazz

CoryContributor IJuly 13, 2010

All you Jazz fans that were worried about having to rebuild, well you can stop worrying now.  You have another game changing big man on your roster in Al Jefferson.  All though Jefferson is not as good as Carlos Boozer, Jazz fans you still have a team built to contend.

I don't care if people argue this, but Jerry Sloan is the NBA's best coach.  So he will have them built to contend.  They would have struggled if they didn't get a big man to play with Deron Williams, but they did and he is a good player.  They are basically the same team as last year, except they have a different big, and they lost Korver, but if they can bring Wesley Matthews back they can be in the same position they were in last year except they West isn't as strong this upcoming season.