Knicks Offseason Not The Epic Disaster It's Made Out To Be

Jayson LoveCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2010

NEW YORK - MAY 13:  Team President Donnie Walsh  speaks to the media during a press conference to introduce the Knicks new head coach Mike D'Antoni (not shown) on May 13, 2008 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
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When Isaiah Thomas ran the Knicks, he did so with the thoughfulness of a middle school student; thinking of each move in a vacuum and ignoring future ramifications.

His belief, like most Knicks fans at the time was that the Knicks could never get under the salary cap and needed to find creative ways to add talent and take chances other organizations could not take. 

He brought in players with unquestioned talent, but questionable character such as Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry and it seemed like a decent roster was being rounded into shape.  However, the off the court and sometimes on the court issues were too much and the Knicks were left a disaster and a half.

Enter Donnie Walsh who in two years, managed to overturn a roster and resist temptation to sneak into the playoffs with solid but overpaid players such as Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph.  He followed the plan to the letter and as July 1st, 2010 approached, the Knicks were in as good of shape as anyone to add marquee free agents like Lebron James.

No need to rehash, but we all know where Lame James ended up.  He will chase his elusive championship with his all-star team in Miami.  Because of this, the vitriole flew not just from Cavs fans, but from Knick fans as well.

Rumors even abounded that Walsh would retire due to poor health and a "failure" to land James.  A "failure" that really was no fault of Walsh as it seems the James move to Miami was orchestrated years ago when Bosh, Wade, and the self-proclaimed King played in the 06 Olympics.

But, this is not an article critiquing James it is one that is attempting to bring Knicks fans back from the edge.

Knicks fans and talk show hosts on the local radio waves claim there was "no plan B" and that Walsh was a failure because "any GM could've cleared cap space". 

Under any other circumstances, this offseason would be a resounding success.  Taking the Miami situation out of play, the Knicks got the best player who was willing to change teams in Amar'e Stoudemire. 

Even though this move happened first, this was still "plan B."  Then, they managed to add the best free agent point guard on the market in Raymond Felton. A player who wants to be in New York and is used to the big stage as a former UNC Tarheel.

Finally, the Knicks added a 7'1 player in Timofey Mosgov.  A free agent from Russia with tons of upside.  They added young players in Kelenna Azuibuke, Anthony Randolph, and some grit and toughness with Ronny Turiaf. 

But wait folks, here is the best part.  Walsh and the Knicks managed to add all of these pieces without destroying the cap flexibility next year when, assuming there is no lockout (no small assumption), Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul will be on the market for a new team. 

Miami made their "big three" by having the superstar Wade already on their roster.  The Knicks have their own superstar now in Amar'e. 

So while this year probably won't bring a championship, it will bring the most exciting basketball to the Garden in a long time, as well as a lot of hope for the future.