The LeBron James Saga: Who's Really To Blame?

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The LeBron James Saga: Who's Really To Blame?
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I've figured it out. I've figured out how one city could have so much bad sports luck. It all traces back to one man. George Steinbrenner.

Steinbrenner grew up in the Cleveland area. He got his master's degree in physical education at Ohio State. But he grew up a fan of the New York Yankees. So when his shipbuilding business took off and he was able to purchase a sports franchise, he picked the team he rooted for as a boy. The Yankees.

Imagine if he'd been as Indians fan. Imagine if he spent millions making the Tribe the toast of baseball. Imagine Catfish Hunter, Reggie Jackson, an Co. playing for Cleveland. What if today the Tribe had Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Mark Teixeira, still had CC? How many championships would Cleveland have then?

And if that was the case, doubtful LeBron James would be a Yankees fan. He wouldn't have that excuse of "you can't win championships in Cleveland." Had the Indians been the Yankees, the whole image of the city would be different. Free agents would have beaten a path to the Cavs door to play with LeBron in Cleveland.

So Cleveland, there is your villain. It's George Steinbrenner. He started the whole "Cleveland sucks" ball rolling. He re-built the Yankees who had already had plenty enough to brag about in their history. Big deal. He proved the Yanks could win; as if we didn't already know that.

Had he done that in Cleveland, now that would be a feat. And maybe the "Big Three" would be playing in Cleveland next year.

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