The WWE Times: 13th July 2010

Rex WilliamsContributor IJuly 13, 2010

Welcome to Issue No. 2 of the WWE Times. After the first edition got positive reviews and wasn't deemed too long, I have decided to strike while the iron is hot and go on with a second edition.

This one will focus on a variety of subjects including the latest episode of RAW that aired live in front of a sold-out crowd in Kentucky. Other notes in this issue are my thoughts on Dixie Carter's conversation with the TNA Roster and my hopes for WWE's inaugural Money In The Bank pay-per-view.


My Thoughts On WWE RAW

This week's RAW for me was fun. John Cena's promo to open the show is normally boring, and while many have praised his character for gaining intensity, I hate the fact that he still remains the "Rated PG Superstar." C'mon Cena, stop carrying on when there's a hostile takeover!

The Usos & Tamina versus The Hart Dynasty & Natalya was a good match for the short time it lasted. As I said for the short time it lasted, it did entice me into the rivalry and it gave me hope that I could see a really good tag team match out of these guys on Sunday. I am definitely going into this match with high expectations. What about you?

The Nexus' attacks on Yoshi Tatsu, John Morrison, and Evan Bourne were good, or at least I liked them. It showed the true "no one is safe" mentality that it lost some weeks ago. The majority of the Nexus' antics have been in the ring, but now they show you what it is like backstage for the superstars of RAW.

John Morrison shocked me with how bad he was on the stick this Monday. I understood Maryse more than I understood John, and I forgot any French I learned a long time ago. Really though, Morrison needs to turn heel and work on his skills on promos before we go around calling him the next Shawn Michaels.

Randy Orton versus Edge was a good match and they really treated us to it after the abrupt end that came of their match at Over The Limit. I gotta say that I did see the RKO coming when Evan Bourne went to the top rope, but it was still a great move. The reason I saw it coming was that Orton is so over the top with the crowd that if Evan hit his finisher, his career would be finished immediately with a whirlpool of boos. Although it would be a good way to kill a guy's push!

John Cena versus the Nexus was a good match because not only did he lose, but he lost cleanly. They kept Cena looking strong, dominating the team with one-on-one action, but the sneaky tactis of The Nexus caught up with the Rated PG Superstar.

As for the ending of the show, it was terrible. Cena should have sold the fact that he lost the match and let Wade Barrett hit his finisher. Sheamus would then come out with a steel chair and scare Nexus away (it's called making the champion look strong) and then he would tower over Cena taking credit for the Nexus' handy work.


Dixie Carter versus The Locker Room

Who the "F" does Dixie Carter think she is?

In case you haven't heard, Dixie Carter told the people she employs that they need to improve their work. I have one phrase for Dixie; You get what you pay for! And judging by the dirty sheets, Dixie doesn't pay her workers much.

Hopefully Jim Cornette picks up on this and gives her a special mention in his commentary, because I love to hear him say that Dixie Carter is a mark! Heck, I'll bet Florence Henderson has been in a ring longer than Dixie Carter. Heck, Florence Henderson, who is 78, even interacted with the Great Khali.

So, no, I don't find it acceptable for someone who has never taken a bump in her life to give her workers meager pay and expect them to improve their work because she wants to impress another name in the long list of people taking Dixie Carter for the mark she is! (Note: I was talking about Paul Heyman).


Money In The Bank? Yes Please!

So on Sunday, I'll be taking money out of my bank to watch Money In the Bank. Ironic? The pay-per-view currently has seven matches on the card with one taping left to add more.

The card looks good, in fact I'd stretch to say it is the best since Wrestlemania. Let's just hope this card lives up to the expectations it has, unlike Wrestlemania. But how do we judge if something lives up to its expectations?

Well, a pay-per-view needs to have a few things for me to invest my money and for me to be satisfied at the end. Build up, Potential to Shock, Name Value and Match Potential.

The build up for MITB has been better than the build up to last month's flop, Fatal 4 Way. The Potential to Shock is covered with two Money in the Bank matches and the Nexus. The name value is there, but not all there. I do miss Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Batista etc. But with John Cena and Rey Mysterio, at least the kids will be happy. And match potential is of course covered by the two divas matches! You got me, I was joking.

So with most of the four targets achieved I will go into this pay-per-view excited and very hopeful. Let's hope I'm not disappointed.

So with Issue No. 2 done and dusted, what is your opinion?

The comment section below is always open for discussion. What did you think of RAW? What did you think about Dixie Carter's comments? And which match on Sunday's MITB PPV are you looking forward to the most? Thanks for reading.