Goodyear to retire?

Not ValidCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

The Brickyard in 12 lap segments? What a novel approach. After so many problems with the Badyears maybe it's time for better competition. Competition among the tire builders. Are you listening Firestone, Goodrich and others?

With all the changes to the "car of tomorrow", it is now the car of today" and the future. Why can't you guys catch up?

We have cars capable of driving 200 m.p.h., and they would have been safer running at half that speed. This should have been a restrictor plate (REAL RESTRICTED) race.

Where was the research? Research possibly meant running more practice sessions with more cars. Did you do it? NOOOOO! We've got a new car tire guys, it's D-I-F-E-R-E-N-T! That was spelled out real slow for the guys up there in Akron.

I've seen car fires in practice not from broken lines, but from rubber building up under and over sides of cars. There were cars blowing tires on THE STRAIGHTAWAYS. They were laying rubber down everywhere but the track. Car cams were full of rubber. Take a look at the above picture. We could have had a better race in these cars. At least Badyear might have had something that gave us more than a 12 lap segment.

Oh, by the way my hats off to NASCAR for seeing what was on the cars and saving lives and teams money by not purchasing a quality tire.