WWE Ready to Crumble II

Not ValidCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2008

In my last article I attacked the direction of the WWE. Well I'm not going to do it this time. 

Like hell I'm not.

Mike What's-his-name?? Give me a break. The guy was a no-talent announcer who only needed less than an hour to drive people to sleep or turn the channel.

We have gotten two major disappointments from Vinnie McMahon this year, the retirement of Ric Flair and now this new G.M. I'd rather have Regal back turning out the lights. By far the second is the worst of all time, not just this year. I am mad at both Cena and Batista for not crushing this idiot when he stood there with that shit-eating grin.

Where are they taking us? With the talent on the roster of all three shows and we get this no-talent knucklehead. Gosh, Jamie Noble was there, he would have been better.

The worst part was we had to wait two hours and five minutes for the biggest disappointment in sports entertainment history. I though getting "hit on the head" was just another gag. Can we see the replay again to see how hard Vince really got hit? I wish you a speedy recovery Mr. McMahon, and get back soon.

I know you want to take us in a new direction now, but to the toilet? Can we send Kane out to "welcome" him? Welcome the ass to hell, Kane, you could become a fan favorite again and make this black mark on the WWE a one night stand. Shame on you, Shane McMahon for going along with this crap.

Yeah, yeah, yeah I now it's sports entertainment. The key word being entertainment, which the new G.M. is totally lacking. Please fix this or you'll soon see Smackdown take over the No. 1 spot. Vickie Guerrero generates heat—Mike generates yawns.