Leaving LeBron James: Cleveland's Heartbreak Now Saves More Heartbreak Later

Elias TrejoSenior Analyst IIJuly 13, 2010

MIAMI - JULY 09:  (L-R) LeBron James #6 and Dwyane Wade #3 of the Miami Heat are introduced during a welcome party at American Airlines Arena on July 9, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
Marc Serota/Getty Images

As I watched LeBron James make his decision to join Miami all I could think about was how lucky Cleveland really was.

Let's be honest here, James was not going to bring a title to Cleveland. He knew it and everyone outside of Cleveland knew it. Not with everyone else in the East getting better and not with the Lakers.

Yes Cleveland is mad and heart broken. Yes Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, sounded like the ex girlfriend who got dumped for her much hotter younger sister.

All the pain today is saving them from the many years of pain they were going to face for the rest of James' career in Cleveland. James was going to be nothing more than a Dan Marino, Karl Malone or Barry Bonds.

He was NEVER going to win a title. He was going to lose too many playoff series and cause even more heartache to Cleveland.

Perhaps Cleveland will be upset when James wins four to five titles in Miami, but not having the heartbreak of a hometown hero playing for the hometown team that never wins a title will never be felt.

Cleveland and James are both better off. Gilbert will be fine when his time of the month is over.

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