Bleacher Report Poll: Rank the BCS Conferences

Derek StephensSenior Analyst IJuly 28, 2008

I've had enough of the "conference supremacy" articles. They're cute and all but enough with stats, bias, and all the other stuff that comes with Bleacher Report articles.  Let's just get an overall tally of who everyone thinks the best conferences are.

I ask that everyone participates. I don't need 30 SEC comments and zero Pac-10 fans, we know who will win the tally then. I also ask that you don't try to distort the tally by inaccurately ranking the conferences by your own standards just to cause other conferences to get less points (for example Pac-10 fans voting the Pac-10 No. 1 and the SEC No. 5 due to their rivalry on this site).

We'll use a basic point system to declare the winner one week from today. Here's my vote:

1) SEC

2) Pac-10

3) Big 12

4) ACC

5) Big East

6) Big 10

That would give the SEC six points, Pac-10 five, Big 12 four, ACC three, Big East two, and Big 10 one. 

I ask that you only comment with your vote. Uour name will be listed on the poll results in the next edition. 

I, again, ask that you be honest with your vote and try to make this poll as accurate as possible. 

Begin the voting!