This Just In: Brett Favre Ineligible For Varsity Season With 1.2 Gpa!

Greg BlohowiakContributor IJuly 12, 2010

The old expression "beating a dead horse" has now been taken to a new level. Maybe this bar was set 6 years ago when the Brett Favre Saga began. The seemingly never ending obsession with man-child Brett Favre, who will be 41 if he decides to play this upcoming year, is once again sprouting its head. It's actually inevitable that the discussion of his decision will arise once the heat of July is upon us. For all of those who love to divulge into the Brett Favre debate or just wanna know what to expect please read further.

Okay so its July 12th and the rumors of whether or not Favre will return have been swirling. Certainly no one could have seen this coming, right? Wrong. Come on media, I know in between your love for Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and the Yankees can sometimes have off days doesn't mean you have to continue to make it BREAKING NEWS that Brett Favre is now "playing catch with his local high school football team". 

For the past 5 seasons Brett Favre's Diva-ness has propelled him into the media spotlight by juggling between retirement and screwing his team over by not attending Training Camp. Brett Favre, who after losing his father Irvin in 2003, began to tip toe any organization he was with when it came to off season workouts. I believe it came in part to losing his lifelong mentor and hard nosed father. There is no question that Irvin Favre was a great man, however I believe Brett Favre lost sight of what was "right" after his heartbreaking loss. 

I have read the Favre 4 book and can't respect what Brett Favre and his Father have gone through throughout his childhood, but the overall consensus is that BF had no body to call him out for being an idiot, as Irvin did many times in the past.

The typical off season will ensue for the future Hall of Famer. He will begin his workouts with the high school, while also shooting some text messages back and forth with Chris Mortensen. But one thing you definitely have to look out for is the times when Brad Childress goes and visits Favre. This can only mean one of two things, Childress is giving Favre and ultimatum, or he is allowing BF to continue to walk over him and the organization. 

There is no doubt that many of you will empathize with Favre saying "he has been around the league so long that it is okay for him to skip training camp, if he is doing his own thing in Mississippi". News flash for you, that it is not okay. There are plenty of seasoned veterans putting in their work at home before Training camp begins and you don't see any of their names out there for skipping out. He should take a page out of the books of either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning to see how it is really done. If Brett Favre wants to win another Championship maybe he should be in Training Camp putting the necessary work in with his WR's and TE's. You cannot just show up and have instant chemistry with a receiver, you have to put the work in. Get to know how they run routes, and what kind of timing you need to have. Just look at the type of wide out Pierre Garcon was. This doesn't happen by the all pro QB sitting out through late august. 

I guess what my point is is that I am getting very sick of seeing the BF saga go on like this. I do also understand that there is no way for us to get around it because the media will still blow it up. Complaining and laying out reasons why he should actually attend camp are ways for us annoyed NFL fans to cope with it.

I have had my fair share of arguments and debates about my past idol, Brett Favre. Being born in Green Bay and chasing after his car while he speeds through the parking lot and to practice has me wondering where my loyalties are. I used to be the kid begging and crying for a token to get his autograph, when now I'm the man who will take that token and trade it in for an Aaron Rodgers token. 

My respect and love for #4 have gone from an obsessive high to a depressing low over the past 3 years. Which have caused me to ask the question "Packers or Favre?".

At the end of the day I will always bleed Green and Gold. What are your colors?